Helen Johns [Interview]


Hello Folks! Today we have a wonderful interview with an extremely talented actress that I know you are all going to love. It’s Helen Johns, Everyone! Helen has already done some very exciting work in the world of film, television, and in the world of voice over work, which you all know we appreciate greatly around here at Trainwreck’d Society. Whether it’s her work on the hit Netflix series Anne with an E alongside our friend Philip Williams, or her appearance in the brilliant sci-fi film Deep Space with another friend of ours Olunike Adeliyi, or her VO work on the beloved video game Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Helen has worked on some incredible projects that you all know and love.

So, I will forgo the normal babbling and just let you all dig right into the words from an absolutely incredible performer. Folks, please enjoy some words from the brilliant Helen Johns!




What inspired you to get into the world of entertainment? Was it something you have always dreamt of doing as a youth, or did you happen to find yourself in this world one day?

I’ve definitely always wanted to do it. I started telling people I wanted to be an actor when I was three. I suppose it must have started with the little plays we did at my kindergarten and then school, but honestly I don’t remember ever not knowing I wanted to be an actor.

What was your very first paid gig in the world of entertainment? And where there any sort of lessons learn from this experience that you still utilize in your work today? 

My first paid job was on a short film written by Malorie Blackman, when I was a kid. It was about a group of young girls who get trapped in a cycle of bullying and telling lies about other people, and my character ended up stabbing one of the other girls. I was very young, and I thought it was so cool all round, especially working with fake blood and all that fight choreography stuff. There are the obvious things you start to learn during your first on-camera job – I remember thinking it was hard to “hit my marks”, which is a way to describe moving into the perfect spot so the camera can focus on you. On a broader scale, I remember noticing how social all the crew were with each other, and observing that it’s important to build relationships with as many people on set as you can. I think there are two reasons for this – firstly, you never know who you’ll end up working with again, and secondly, it’s the best job in the world, so you’d better have fun with it!

One incredible project you have been working on is the Netflix Series Anne with an “E”, along with our friend and past guest Philip Williams. I am curious to know what drew you to this project? Were you a fan of the books growing up? 

Yes, Philip and I have had quite a few scenes together over the past three years. He’s a lot of fun! Although I hadn’t read the books growing up, I was very much aware of what an iconic character Anne is and how well-loved the stories are. I’m always drawn to period pieces, I love imagining what life was like in other times and working in period costumes. I was also excited that it was a Netflix project, because it means that my friends and family across the world get to see it.

And how has your experience been working on Anne? Is there anything about this particular project that sets itself apart from other projects you have worked on?

It’s been fabulous. We have a pretty healthy budget for TV, which means we have a lot of time to shoot, and a lot of attention to detail with sets, costumes hair and makeup. So overall I think the show looks incredible. And the head of our show – Moira Walley-Beckett, and all our brilliant writers, have done such lovely work creating new storylines and scripts that remain true to the spirit of the original novels. I’ve also loved working on the show for all of its three seasons. I really feel like I’m part of something special.



If you were handed the opportunity to create and portray any legendary figure in American history in their biopic, who would it be? 

Gosh. I wish I could play so many. I love reading and researching before starting a project, so when you’re portraying a real person there’s even more fuel for that. I recently saw the musical Hamilton, and at the end of the show they give you a little taste of what Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton achieved in her fascinating life. She worked for 50 years with widows and orphans, founding New York’s first orphanage. There is even evidence to suggest that she had helped draft her husband’s essays too. And she lived to 97, so maybe I could get a series of biopics, rather than just one!

What does the future hold for you? 

I’m just settling into life in California, and starting to audition for new projects. Stay tuned!

What was the last thing that made you smile?

My one year old son has started pretending that objects are telephones. Today it was his toothbrush, and he started chatting into it.

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