Sunday Matinee: Somewhere in the Middle [Film]


“The film eventually examines the joys of being an artist, including the high of one’s work being appreciated, critically acclaimed and, perhaps most importantly, paid for by fans. As a young artist, meeting your idols, from jamming with Bruce Springsteen to ballroom dancing with Antonio Banderas to smoking pot with Willie Nelson, begins to elicit a real “pinch yourself” feeling. Like, “Wow, I’m doing this!” Doubt, fear, excess, anxiety about the future. Somewhere in the Middle takes viewers on a journey through the day-to-day minds of these artists. “My biggest fear is that I’ll never work again.” “I had to come to terms with the fact that I was an alcoholic.” “I’m never satisfied with my work.” “I definitely have regrets about choosing the life of an artist.” – October Coast PR




Holy Hell, Folks! Do we have an absolutely spot on for this website showcase you share with you all today. If there were ever a documentary to exist that represents a large number of the participants of our beloved Trainwreck’d Society, it is most definitely the oh-so-inspiring, Somewhere in the Middle. It is a film that brilliantly describes what it means to be an artist in this day and age. The days of superstardom and fan-crazed success is technically not dead, but there is a whole new element of the business that deserves to be recognized, and it has never been done as well as it has in this very film. It’s an incredible movie that perfectly captures the idea that not everyone working in the world of creating art has to necessarily be “famous” in order to make a living. In fact, in this day and age, simply making a living solely on the metaphorical back of you work is a feat in itself. Even this dream can seem like a million to one shot at times.

And again, what better place for a film to be showcased than our little slice of digital heaven right here? We have been celebrating these folks for over 8 years. Over 500 interviews, hundreds of independently created albums and films, and not to brag upon ourselves, but I’d love to think that we have treated them with the respect they deserve. Sure, we have had the fortunate enough to speak with a handful of folks who have taken home a handful of Emmy’s or an Oscar, not to mention the biggest name in the adult film world. But overall, our methods have been to showcase in the same way that Something in the Middle does even better than we ever could/will: Art is life and no matter how recognized you become for your art, you should to yourself, stay true.



I will confess that I went into the documentary cold, only appreciating the premise of the film due to the fact that, as I mentioned earlier, it hits pretty close to come for this little site. It was only afterwards that I might have found another factor as to why the film was so good – It’s a freakin’ Nathan Ives film! If you can remember as far back as a year ago, we showcased an absolutely incredible horror film entitled The Basement that was so damn good that it ended up being one of our Top 20 films of 2018. We even had the absolute gem of an actor Jackson Davis return to the site, this year in our Month of Horror. And if you hadn’t figured it out by now, Ives is the mastermind behind both of these projects. Not to mention the criminally underrated 2000 comedy Dish Dogs, that I feel like we need to have put out in the zeitgeist more in 2020. Basically, the fact that this brilliant filmmaker is involved would have been an immediate indication that we had something beautiful happening right before our eyes.

And one last thing to add before we wrap this up and let you head on over to Amazon to see the film for yourself. Just let me add that this film should be required by law to be screened at every single actor’s studio or film school or collegiate art or music department. The clearly recognized highs and lows of the industry are all laid out on the table in a brilliant way. I do not say this as a deterrent to becoming a working artist, but more of an inspiration. Because if they expressed “lows” of the business can that easily deter you from seeking out your passion for creativity, it’s quite possible it was never there in the first place. On the flip side, if you watch Somewhere in the Middle and your only thought is, “Worth it.” Then by all means necessary, pursue onward. And hey, let us know about it!


Somewhere in the Middle is available now on Amazon, with other platforms to follow.



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