Sunday Matinee: Relish [Film]


“Set as a modern day breakfast club, Relish follows the story of five teenage outcasts, who escape a private treatment facility in hopes of attending the infamous Dreamland Music Festival. Led by a rebellious transgender male, Kai, and with help from Aspen, a social media influencer, a football player addicted to opioids, Theo, who suffers from bipolar disorder, and Sawyer an alien obsessed nerd, the five embark on the journey of a lifetime. The film brings a level of authenticity to the heart-wrenching struggles and challenges faced by modern teens, especially by the transgender community today. Relish  is an emotional, and inspiring tale about the powerful bond of friendship, dealing with ones own personal demons, and learning that our differences make us special.” – Millenial PR



I have to admit something to you all right away, Folks: I was very hesitant to showcase this film, for a couple of reasons. The main reason being that I didn’t feel as though I was in the proper place or state of mind to be writing about the subject matter at hand. Sure, I loved the idea and concept of The Breakfast Club, the band of misfits, jocks, etc. banding together to feel as one. It’s a lovely concept. But even then, I was only just being born the year that the film came out. Cut to almost 35 years later, and the wonderful crafted and brilliantly acted film Relish comes across my digital desk. And it’s SO good. It’s fun, compelling, sad, and heartwarming all the way through. But, what the hell am I doing as a white dude in his mid-30’s commenting on the tyranny that the youth of today are facing? Who am I do judge, even positively, what the characters of this film are going through? Hell, I will admit that I truly don’t understand the concept of an “Instagram Influencer” is! I just learned that you can put multiple pictures up in one setting. Do you see where I’m coming from here?

But then it dawned on me: It honestly doesn’t matter. If the film is done well, it deserves to be known. And if the content happens to give people hope along the way, that’s even better! While I would not presume that most of you fine readers may fall into the age category of the subjects of the film…but, don’t ya’ll have kids? Have young co-workers who may appreciate a film that is speaking directly to them? I truly believe that this is where we come in. Spread the love. Spread the joy. You don’t have to pretend to completely understand what these kids are going through, just remember the times when you were a scared youth trying to figure out how not only your body works, but the entire seemingly insane world around you. And maybe, just listen? Keep your old ass mind open to what transpires through a film like Relish, and just appreciate that a film with such vigor to inspire us to get along better exists, and that there are genius minds out there desperately trying to make that happen. How does that sound?



And with all that preaching having been said, Relish is just a damn fine film! writer/director Justin Ward has a brilliant knack for modern storytelling and an eye for presenting it in a terrific fashion. And the cast! It’s always astonishing to me that as the new age of performers begin to rush in, they are just getting better! I’ve spoken in the past about my fear of the success of YouTubers taking away the spotlight from young performers. But, let’s lay that all to rest right now. The cast of Relish is STACKED with some of the best young talent in the game right now. All 5 of the film’s protagonists are absolutely brilliant. And the fact that this is Tyler DiChiara’s first role is absolutely astounishing. I have a great feeling that this star on the rise is going to be on our radar in a HUGE way. Also seeing Everything Sucks‘s Rio Mangini again is always a delight! Again, all of them were incredible in their own ways, and I simply cannot recommend this incredible “coming of age” story, even if you are no where near the age of the actors. Just feel the love and excitement that clearly exists in this incredible film.




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