Sunday Matinee: Danger God [Film]


“Professional stuntman Gary Kent has made a hard-earned name for himself in over 50 years of falling, burning, jumping, fighting and breaking himself for some of the most cherished independent and B-movies of the 20th Century. This is his story, from the anything goes days of the drive-in era, including his run in with Charles Manson and his infamous family, to his personal battles and triumphs with health, alcoholism and love. Features interviews with Monte Hellman, Duane Eddy, Richard Rush, Marc Singer and more.” – Wild Eye Releasing




When I think about the world of stunt performers, I will admit that I am not that well-versed on the subject. Which would usually be a good thing I perhaps, as they are meant to appear to be a whole different actor. In fact, prior to seeing Danger God, the only stunt performer I would probably ever be able to put a face to a name would be the great Zoë Bell, but that is just coming at it as a huge Tarantino fan. But now, thanks to this incredible documentary, I know the name Gary Kent, and honestly, I feel like a better person all around. Gary Kent is a man who has no reason to be alive, if I am being perfectly honest with you. The shit that this man has endured for the sake of his art (yes, it is art. No debates allowed) is absolutely mesmerizing. His skill and love for the world of film is absolutely uncanny. And lest we forget, he’s also a damn good actor! And writer! Director! All of it!



Yes, from 60’s westerns & psychedelic films, the 70’s exploitation, right up to present day working in our beloved world of B-horror and beyond, Danger God takes us on a journey through one man’s life that is not only heart-warming and saddening at the same time, it is also very well-crafted. Director and producer Joe O’Connell has created something very special for us, and we should all be very thankful. And Gary Kent is one of the last man’s man from old Hollywood still kicking around. Long gone are the days where a performer could scare the shit out of Charles Manson and make him fix his golf cart (this is not an analogy, it ACTUALLY happened, watch this film!). Again, this is a very special film, and I honestly didn’t want it to end. I may never get to know Gary in real life, but thankfully, I will always have Danger God.

Danger God is available now on VOD, and will be available on DVD on September 17th, 2019.


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