Saturday Special: Seeds [Film]


“After a night of debauchery spirals out of control, Marcus retreats to his family home along the New England coast. Solitude is disturbed when his brother asks Marcus to look after his estranged nephew and niece. As days pass, solace escapes him; he feels baited by a dark force. Is he losing his mind or has something terrible burrowed deep within him? Incubating. Waiting until the climate is right. Haunted by his deepest fears, Marcus struggles not to succumb as he fights to protect Lily, his beloved niece from a monster that lies in wait.” – Uncork’d Entertainment



Strap in Folks, because we have a real WEIRD one for you today. Seeds, while billed as a “horror” film, is frightening as it declares itself to be, but not in a traditional way. Right from the beginning, it gets really strange. It’s almost infuriating how hard it is to describe what takes place in this film without too many spoilers. Suffice it to say, Filmmaker Owen Long has a bit of a Lynchian inspired way about him. I mean this to say, and do not finish this sentence if you don’t want a slight spoiler….the physical manifestation of our darkest fears and deepest desires comes to play, and it is absolutely shocking. It is so hard to feel one way or another about the character Marcus Milton, and I feel as though that is what Long and co-writer Steven Weisman. And if they weren’t, well, that is my interpretation I guess. And I gotta say Folks, I dug it. A lot.



Ozark’s Trevor Long gives an amazing performance as the film’s lead, but Andrea Chen is definitely no slouch in the film and holds up her key role in what appears to be an effortless fashion. I will admit that despite having over a decade in the game, I was unaware of Chen’s talents, but you can bet your proverbial bottom dollar that if I see her name attached to anything, I’m watching that! Of course, as we always say, a brilliant performance is wasted without a good story to tell, and a good story with a shitty performance is wasted. But when the two powers combine. Magic! And that is what Seeds is to me. Magic captured ever so brilliantly (physically by cinematographer Eun-ah Lee, actually) on screen that has a re-watchability to it and I highly recommend that you do! Watch Seeds, watch it again, and tell all of your friends!


Seeds will be in select theaters on September 13th 2019, and on VOD on September 24th , 2019.


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