Saturday Special: 3 Lives [Film]


“Emma wakes up to find herself trapped in an abandoned bunker. She soon realizes that there are two other victims trapped with her, Ben and Jamie, who she knows from her days in high school. Now Ben and Jamie are Emma’s only means of escape from their savage captors, three ex-soldiers. Faced with the choice to stay in the bunker or to escape her kidnappers with the help of her former rapist and his old friend, Emma chooses the latter. Ruthlessly the ex-soldiers chase the group through the wilderness. While Emma tries to find out why Ben, Jamie, and herself have been kidnapped in the first place. Slowly matters start to spin out of control, facades start to crack and Emma has to learn who her real enemy is.” – High Octane Pictures




I am truly a sucker for a good thriller. As much as I appreciate the world of horror for horror’s sake, there is just something so wonderful about experiencing a film and not knowing who to trust and what to truly believe. A well done thriller with a smattering of plot twists and developments can be one of the best film-watching experiences you can have. And 3 Lives is especially that. It is a well-rounded thrill-ride that will keep you guessing right to the very end. Like literally, the last few minutes. It is quite an adventure to watch three people who are, for reasons I won’t mention, not exactly fond of each other, being chased through the woods for unknown reasons. Thus creating a plot twist at what feels like every damn 10 minutes. It’s simply great writing, Folks. I truly could gush over what the amazing artist Juliane Block has given the world.



Actress Mhairi Calvey is at her absolute best in 3 Lives, that I can say with zero hesitation. She has a lead role worthy set of skills that are put to the test in this mind-bending thriller, and she absolutely killed it! The aforementioned Juliane Block and co-writer Wolf-Peter Arand crafted something very special with this film, and I would honestly love to see more like it! And with that, this is actually the type of film that will easily drive you to want to know more of the filmmaker’s work, and if you are an uninformed viewer, you simply cannot go wrong with Juliane Block. 3 Lives may be her best film yet, but in the long run of things, it is just another prime example of what Block is capable of and what she will continue to do. Watch 3 Lives, Folks! Tell a Friend!


3 Lives is available now VOD.


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