Sunday Matinee: States [Film]


“A transient road film featuring an array of young drifters wandering throughout the U.S. with varying degrees of purpose, or lack-thereof , “States” is a multifaceted meditation on freedom – via Twain, Kerouac, Altman, Linklater… – and an outsider’s love letter to America and the searchers of its endless highways.” – October Coast PR



To start out here, States is an absolute breath of fresh air. For everyone out there who complains about there not being enough original art out there in the world of filmmaking, this is for you. And while it’s sad to say, you just have to look for it. There are still plenty of original filmmakers and writers out there creating some of the best work imaginable. And this film is a prime example of this work. This amazing somewhat-linear but moving between several different stories is a beautiful exploration into the land of which I came, which is seen better by some folks from Canada. I truly loved this film. Each storyline is unique in its own right, but is still filled with the right amount of depth and character development that you truthfully just can’t find as much anymore.



Zach Gayne has done something absolutely brilliant here with this mesmerizing film. The dude wrote, shot, and directed the whole damn thing. This is always a fun thing to see in the indie world. Going “Rob Rodriguez” as some would call it. And by some, I mean just me. I’m probably the only one who says this. Either way, States is fucking full forced film of creative expression to be reckoned with. And while I am absolutely amazed with all the performances within this film, it behooves me to shout out Jeremey O. Harris. Holy shit did this dude bring is absolute A game. Just a pure fucking delight, and I will be watching his career from here on out. Also, this is your chance to watch the brilliance of Alex Essoe, who is going to be the one of the biggest stars we have ever seen. I’m talking Scarlet Johansson level fame. I’m so excited to that anyone who decides to read this and check out this incredible film can use our site as a reference to the statement of “I knew Essoe when….”

As much as kid, I have to reiterate, States is absolutely brilliant. It’s one of the best films of 2019, and one of the best in the last decade. We need more works of art like this. And I know there will be more. But for now, let us enjoy this absolutely brilliant take on the American way of life, for all that is god and awful about it.


Be on the lookout for States coming to VOD soon.




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