Sunday Matinee: Luz [Film]


Luz is a story about identity, a lack of one, or maybe even denying one’s own. For the most part this is told by forces (archetypal characters, institutions, or personifications of moral arguments) influencing and manipulating our titular character Luz. I structured the narrative as a panic attack, of repressed memories and confusion. It is purposely open to interpretation by the viewer. Luz is a sensuous thriller that plays with the sensory perception of the audience. Initially, I wanted to write a simple story that could only be told audio-visually. How we ended up telling it cinematically, nested within diegetic flashbacks, got a little more complicated. For example, we use an additional layer of sound that adds a past reality to a present one. Given that we are observing a moment relived under hypnosis, the credibility of both realities is questioned at all times. The viewer who attempts to answer this question of credibility has to, with sharpened senses, fully engage in image and sound.” –  Luz Filmmaker, Tilman Singer



Oh Folks, do we have something delightful to share with you all today! And it is such a damn fine film, that the description used above, from the filmmaker Tilman Singer, is pretty much the most accurate description of the film possible. It is basically much smarter than anything I could possibly say about it. I was just going to describe it as a new age Lynchian-like drama filled with spectacular visuals that are not to be missed. I believe I am still right in this description, but again, not nearly as smart.



Luz is my first experience with the work of Tilman Singer, as I imagine it will be for most viewers. But, much like other new viewers, I am certain it will not be the last. The need for truly innovative figures like Singer is vastly underrated and in dire need. We just don’t see shit like this anymore, and we really need to if I’m being perfectly honest. As of this writing, the number one movie in the country right now is what could very well be considered the most vastly overrated Quentin Tarantino project to date. But, what does that really mean? It really means that mainstream culture needs even the most mediocre project from the most well known original artist to make a splash amongst the reboots and remakes. But, that’s a whole other discussion and argument.

All that I am really trying to say is that there are cinematic masterminds out there to be found, and making some of the best work imaginable to this date. And Tilman Singer, as a writer and director, is most definitely one of them. There are also stars like Luana Velis, who plays the films titular character, who deserve to be seen more often. For a truly gripping and psychotic adventure into the vast possibilities of what the mind can conjure up and divulge to the world, look no further than this truly terrifying and visual stimulating thriller.


Luz premiered in both LA and New York earlier this month, and will soon have a multi-city release to follow. So check out the trailer below, and stay tuned!




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