Saturday Special: Fak Yaass! [TV Series]


“Showing the clash between old tradition and the new age, millennial Nico, played by, struggles with the idea of returning home, where he’s always felt judged and unworthy. With the help of his friends, Anton and Torri, Nico’s heart begins to let his family in and his family starts to accept him for who he is, until a secret family scheme may ruin that forever.” – Bulldog Productions 



Folks, if you are a human being, of any gender/race/sexual orientation, who is seeking acceptance in what can seem to be a dark and cruel world at times, do I have a series for you! Fak Yaass is an absolutely wonderful display of what can happen if people where more apt to put aside their differences and maybe listen to one another every once in a while. Especially amongst family, which is supposed to be the most important element in our lives. I know it seems like a real pipe dream, but I truly believe it can happen. And I honestly believe that a series like this can be the perfect example of what we SHOULD be doing to close the divide that exists so drastically.



Beyond the powerful message behind Faak Yaass, I think it is important to note that this is just plain damn good television! In just the two episodes I was privy to, I experienced some of the best writing and performances I have had the pleasure of witnessing. And Vasilios Filippakos gives an absolutely mesmerizing performance as Nico, the man looking to fill the void that is left by his family, but also has to come to the realization that maybe he has to figure them out as well. It is a truly perplexed and incredibly told story that I simply cannot recommend highly enough.

In addition, I can not exclaim enough how incredible the supporting cast, especially Shadrack Jackman and Leanne Noelle Smith, is and what a damn highlight they are to this already incredible story. In roles that could have been easily used strictly for shock value, these two specific characters bring a whole new element of art and taste to a delightfully awkward situation displayed before us.

Seriously Folks, if you haven’t checked out Fak Yaass by now, do yourself a favor and check out the best debut series of 2019, and stay tuned for more to come!




Catch Faak Yaass! on OUTtv right now!


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2 Responses to Saturday Special: Fak Yaass! [TV Series]

  1. Bill Sarafianos says:

    I really enjoyed the two episodes . I hope they are signed to do more. Excellent show!

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