Saturday Special: Dream House [Short Film]


“A delayed coming-of-age drama set in Connecticut, DREAM HOUSE follows Mark, who after being hospitalized for attempted suicide, returns home to live with his elderly mother Ginnie in their deteriorating estate. Struggling with his sexuality and an overbearing mother, Mark tries to fill his voids with continuous housework, alcohol, and trips to the local gay bar. Ginnie then hires handyman Ted, who befriends Mark and offers him the possibility of a new life.” – Millennial PR



Hello Folks! Today we have a very exciting Saturday Special to share with you all. It’s a short film, but it packs a lot of emotional punch. Dream House is EXACTLY the type of film that needs to be made more often in this day and age. It is a journey through so many different reactions to one characters current state of being, jam packed into 30 minutes. And yet, it works so well. Beautifully shot, extremely well written, and with some amazing performances, this is an absolute gem of a film that is not to be missed. The overwhelming sense of compassion for what some may see has simply a bundle of sticks built to bring shelter, but to others is a wafting sense of nostalgia for simpler times, is what really drew me into the film, when focused on the condition of the actual titular house, of course. And the film does a wonderful job and depicting how an exact event can be nostalgic for some, and absolutely fucking dreadful for others. Especially for a person struggling with their own identity and sexuality.



Writer and producer David Lally has written a terrific script that plays so well when put in the hands of director Jeff Bemiss. And newcomer to the screen, Ryan Farley, really knocks it out of the damn park with an absolutely wonderful performance as Mark, a character that can sadly be very relatable in a lot of ways. Overall, Dream House is very tight production and all involved should be commended for their great efforts. I simply cannot recommend this wonderful short film enough.


Dream House is available now on Amazon Prime.





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