Tom Speight [Interview]


Hello Folks! I am so damn excited to share this interview with you all today. We actually haven’t had a musician as an interview subject in quite some time! I don’t believe we have in 2019 at all, but don’t fact check me, I’m an old man and can be forgetful. And ironically enough, we have a man gracing our digital pages today who may very well be the best musician of 2019 in my opinion. It’s Tom Speight! Regular readers out there will probably recognize Tom’s name from last April when we covered his absolutely incredible new album Collide in our New Music Tuesday segment that you all know and love (you do, right? Please?). I stated it then, and the feeling still holds true: Tom has created the best album of 2019. I heard the record back in February, wrote about it in April, and here I am in June to tell you that it is STILL the best album of the year. I’d say “thus far”, but short of Tom Petty being reincarnated and dropping a few bangers, I can’t foresee anyone topping this incredible album.

Tom had an incredible journey to get to Collide getting made that makes the power of the album that much more impressive. After a bout of colitis nearly but the man in his deathbed, which would have all but driven me deep into depression, Tom managed to bounce back by creating one of the best collection of catchy folk-pop melodies I have ever heard. If you haven’t checked Collide yet, you are most definitely not living your best life, no matter what hashtag you are misusing on Instagram. And if you don’t check it out after reading this absolutely wonderful interview that we have for you all today, then you are simply a monster and cannot be trusted. Hell, I am going to put some videos up at the end of it, so you have ZERO excuses!

So Folks, please enjoy these words from the absolutely brilliant singer/songwriter and brilliant melody maker, the great Tom Speight!




When did you first discover your passion for music? Was it an early childhood development? Or did you happen to find yourself in this world one day?

My first memory of being mesmerised with music was when I was a kid and remember being given 4 cassettes to listen to in my mums car while she went shopping by my sisters boyfriend at the time.. I said I wanted to listen to these albums.. I remember playing Oasis on repeat and just thinking I want to make music aswell… I was obsessed from that moment!

What was your very first paid gig you can remember doing in music? And did you learn anything from one of these early experiences that still sticks with you in your work today?

I think it was the 12 Bar in London which sadly has closed down now.. we sold it out and I remember thinking this is pretty crazy that you get paid for playing music in front of friends.. I think I’ve always tried to keep a personal connection to maybe that was the start because I try to treat them just like my friends.. I don’t think it’s healthy to have a huge barrier or remove yourself.. I think it’s good to be approachable and show you’re grateful to the people who come to your shows!

I understand the journey towards getting your album Collide out into the world has been a bit of a rough one, filled with numerous medical set backs and other challenges. I know you have probably gone over it a bit, but if you wouldn’t mind sharing some of your story with our readers?

It hasn’t been an easy ride but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.. it made the album what it is! I think from my experiences with bad health etc it has given my music hope & positive vibes that things do get better! Everyone has problems and struggles.. I’m certainly not a victim and I’m never going to let Crohns define me.. my main focus is to make music I love and that’s about it.. Music is my outlet to escape when things do get bad.. So I feel very lucky to have it in my life.



I have been continously telling our readers and just about anyone around me with a pulse, that Collide is the best album of 2019, and one of the best I have ever heard. With that, I am curious to know about your thoughts on album. Obviously you probably love it alot, but I am more curious to know what it is you believe sets this album apart from your previous work?

I think it’s my best work and I’m very proud of it but i think it’s just the start.. I have a lot more to give and I’ve learnt a lot from making the album! I really put everything into the album and tried my best… if people like’s a bonus!

I am always curious to know about a songwriter’s processes, as it is something I personally couldn’t fathom doing. So with that, when you are working on a song, how do you know when you have completed one. Is there some sort of gut feeling you get (not literally, obviously) when you know you have nailed it? How do you know when you have reached all of your personal requirements for a song to be considered complete?

Definitely the gut feeling is key and just being a fan of music.. you know when it feels right and it doesn’t! I’m usually quite good at putting things to bed and signing it off.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

I’m playing Glastonbury & touring the world! Come & say hello!

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Fleabag the TV show!



Check out this video below for “Strangers Now”, and be sure to head on over to to catch Tom on tour!



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