Simone Miller [Interview]


Hello Folks, and happy Friday to you all! Today we have some wonderful words from an absolutely delightful actress on the rise, the great Simone Miller! She is a multi-faceted star in the making and can be found in the recently aired series Detention Adventure, that while not exactly be in my demographic (i.e. I’m OLD), but is a remarkably unique and fun story involving Alexander Graham Bell, an even deeper dive into world history, and, you guessed it…detention!

Simone is a wonderful young actress that I am certain we will be seeing a lot from in the years to come. She has some amazing projects on her plate already, which will be discussed in her answers below. So Folks, let’s waste no time and just get right into it. Please enjoy some amazing answers from the great Simone Miller! Enjoy!




What inspired you to get into the world of performance? 

Disney movies definitely had a huge part in me wanting to pursue acting! I also love to sing and play guitar and ukulele. I knew that if I wanted to perform I would have to build my confidence level. So my parents enrolled me in an acting workshop with an agency and I was selected to join their roster which has really helped me with speaking in front of a large crowd and in front of adult industry executives!

I am very intrigued by a recent project you appeared in entitled Detention Adventure. Can you tell us a bit about this? What drew you to this project overall?

Detention Adventure is a CBC Gem original streamed program, about three nerds who purposefully get themselves thrown into detention, because there are said to be hidden tunnels that lead to Alexander Graham Bells hidden lab beneath the school. In detention the three friends meet Brett the school bully who is very underestimated, who ends up joining them on this adventure! I think what first drew me to this project and character was how different the audition process was. After I performed the scene as Raign, Joe (the director) then told me to perform it as an angry parent and after that a French prince…. it was definitely one of the most unique auditions I’ve ever been to and also one of my favorites.



I also understand that you have another project coming out soon known as The Clark Sisters. Can you tell us a bit about this project? What can we expect to see from you on this one? 

In this film I was cast as the young version of Dorinda Clark. You can expect to see me in an old night gown, very tired, annoyed and grumpy. It was such a great experience to work on a legendary movie!

If you were given the opportunity (possible in a few years or so) to appear in the biopic of any legendary figure in world history, who would it be? 

It is a dream of mine to play Rosa Parks! She is a leader of change, fearless, a great role model to all woman and people of color. If I could play her, it would be a truly humbling experience to tell her story.

I read in your bio that you are very active with the Jamaican Canadian Association. I am very curious to know what sort of work you have been doing with them? And can you tell us a bit more about this organization? 

This organization supports the Jamaican community here in Canada, and assists the people of Jamaica also! This organization is always up to help out one another for nothing in return like on our most recent project was when my father and I volunteered to help paint a church. We have actually painted this same church over the past few years as a large population congregate their and the people want to keep it in great condition! I have also given out school supplies and sweatshirts to those less fortunate in the community and have supported their charity events in the past.

What does the future hold for you? Anything else coming up that you would like to plug to our readers?

Well I always am working towards new projects that you can stay tuned to on my Instagram @simone.mcq. I hope to continue to perform professionally whether that be in acting or singing, for the rest of my life! I pray that my future is holding this for me!

What was the last thing that made you smile? 

I had to take a selfie for an editorial, and when I was looking at myself, I blurted out “I look like a stale cheeto” and just hearing myself say this made me smile and laugh, because of how ridiculous it sounded!



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