Saturday Special: Silencio [Film]


“In order to save her son’s life, Ana must find a powerful stone. Her grandfather originally discovered it in the Zone of Silence, the Bermuda Triangle of Mexico. Throughout her desperate search, Ana stumbles upon family secrets and enemies who believe the stone’s power is worth killing for. Silencio fixes on a factual mystical marvel in the heart of Mexico that charges a young psychiatrist the mission of unravelling a real-life X-File!” – October Coast PR



Planet Earth can be a wild and unpredictable place. There are so many mysteries surrounding our planet that truly can not be explain. Which I believe sort of makes life just that much more interesting. And for those of us who enjoy a nice suspenseful thriller of a film that is shrouded in just a little bit of mystery, it is the earth’s mysteries that can make a story all that much more fascinating. And Folks, that is absolutely what you get in a film like Silencio. This is a powerhouse of a dramatic thriller that will leave you metaphorically (and maybe physically) gasping for air. Not out of fear, mind you, but of bewilderment. Anybody who has pondered the existence of super natural powers and/or beings that could severely disrupt our regular human movements and actions, this is the film you simply HAVE to see. Writer and director Lorena Villarreal absolutely knocks it out of the park with a truly original story that is stylized absolutely perfectly throughout the entire film’s run time. There truly is so much to love here, Folks. I truly implore you all to see this film as soon as you can.



There truly is so much to love about this film. As always, we have to talk about the performances. But first, I have to give a shout out to not only Villarreal’s direction again, which is phenomenal, but also to Mateo Londono. Mateo is a cinematographer with an absolutely amazing eye for turning even the smallest scenes of a big film into moments of highly enticing visual stimulation. Silencio was just so damn much fun to watch unfold, and so much of that had to do with how it was shot. And when it comes to the aforementioned performances, everyone absolutely rocked it. I was specifically blown away not only by the film’s lead, Melina Matthews (who was actually the voice of one of the freakiest characters of all time as the titular character in 2013’s Mama), but by the legendary John Noble as well. Everyone was so wonderful, and brilliantly added to the cinematic perfection that is Silencio. I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys beautifully shot, well written, and thought provoking dramatic thrillers. Which really should be Everyone, right?



Silencio will be available on DVD & On Demand on May 14th.



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