Rachele Brooke Smith [Interview]


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Hello Folks! After a partial break to welcome the Spring, we are heading back into the beautiful chaos that is Trainwreck’d Society, and bringing you some absolutely wonderful interviews once again. Today we have the incredible actress Rachele Brook Smith on the site! We are so very excited to have her grace our digital pages. Long time readers will recognize Smith has one of the stars of a delightful horror film we covered a couple of Month of Horror showcases a while ago, entitled Cold Moon. She appeared alongside the legendary Christopher Lloyd, in the film’s stand out performance. This is how we came to know her, and was only the start of a process of getting to know a damn fine actress who has done so much incredible work.

Rachele began her career at a very young age, competing heavily in the world of gymnastics before moving to the big screen. She goes in great detail about this venture in her wonderful words below. She made her breakout performance with the lead role in the film Center Stage: Turn It Up, the sequel to the smash hit film Center Stage. And she has done nothing but crush since then. She has appeared in everything from Marvel Universe classics, to cutting edge thrillers like Psycho Stripper that is coming this May, which happens to be written and directed by our old friend Jake Helgren!

We are so excited to share some words from one of today’s finest performers that we know you are going to love. So Folks, please enjoy some words from the brilliant Rachele Brooke Smith!




When did you decide you wanted to join the world of acting? What inspired you to want to play pretend for a living? I understand you were dedicated gymnast prior to becoming a brilliant actress? What inspired the change?

Well it all began when I was very little, actually. I grew up a very competitive gymnast & After breaking my hand during one of the best competitions of my life (and having to have surgery on it), I began to realize how truly unhappy I was, and even though it was ridiculously hard, and seemed almost impossible at the time to quit, I eventually did find the strength to so (I don’t think I will ever forget how sad and lost back then).  Around that same time I went with my family to see the movie Center Stage by Nicholas Hytner. This particular film was so powerful for me, I had crazy goosebumps, chills, and so filled with inspiration, I literally couldn’t move. Even after everyone else had left the theater I was still sitting there with an overwhelming feeling of joy, passion, a little bit of fear,  and lots of excitement. I just knew in that very powerful moment that I would never forget this experience. I knew right then and there that I wanted to be just like that girl that I watched light up that screen and inspired me so much. I went from feeling so sad, so lost, so alone to feeling more alive and full of joy and wonderment then ever before. I wanted to do everything I possible could and work harder than I ever had before to be able to move and change people the way that film had changed me.  I wanted to act, dance, and perform more than anything and I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.  After that moment there really was no looking back, i just knew that performing and storytelling was what I was born to do.

I barely slept all through high school because I was to busy dancing and acting all the time. Then the plan was to go to my dream college that had one of the best performing arts programs, then go to LA to follow my dream of being a lead actress. Fun fact, that plan failed big time and I didn’t get into my dream college  (even though I had a 3.9 GPA, captain of the dance line, lead our schools non profit activities, and was in student government all 4 years). After few weeks of complete devastation, confusion, and not knowing what to do next (I was all set up to go to ASU… however something inside me felt awful about making that move) I saw an opportunity to audition for a super intense performing arts scholarship program in LA… long story short, I last minute flew to LA with my mom, auditioned, got in (yay!!!!), and had 2 weeks to move and get all set up in this new crazy big city I knew pretty much no one and very little  about (I mean other than what I saw in movies).

During this very intense year program (which was one of the hardest but best things I have ever done) I couldn’t audition for anything or have an agent. As soon as I finished the program I got signed to a dance agency and tried to get in with an acting agency but got turned down and was very discouraged. A couple weeks later I saw a sign on the wall for auditions for the lead girl in Center Stage: Turn It Up (the sequel to the very film that changed me as a little girl). My initial reaction was thinking there was no way this could have been happening. It seemed so surreal, almost not even possible. I will never forget the moment, sitting at home in my room after justifying all the reasons not to go, when I had this overwhelming feeling that I had to go. It was so powerful that it honestly felt like it pushed me out the door and to the audition. I had that feeling through the next month or so, and what seemed like a rollercoaster ride of emotions of my childhood dream being so close but yet so far away. I ended up having to go in 6 different times for that role, then finally got the call that I booked the gig. After what felt like forever, I got a call from one of the agents that turned me down saying that Sony Pictures wanted to book me to play Kate Parker in Center Stage: Turn It Up and that I would be leaving to film in Vancouver in a couple of day (haahhhhhh… hahhhh . haaahhh.. Ya that was me screaming in my car.. Probably not very safe for me to be driving right then).  It was a literal childhood dream come true, I was about to play the lead in the sequel to the movie that changed my life as a little girl, I was going to get to be “that girl” that inspired me so much. This crazy, beautiful, overwhelming, and to me somewhat miraculous experience was what has shaped my entire brand and company. All I want to do is to use this story to inspire others and be “that girl” to move and change anyone’s life I possibly can through the arts, performing, and storytelling.

Here is a video where I talk all about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIEfBRizMeU




Cold Moon was an absolute gem of a film, and you were definitely one of the biggest highlights of the film, in my opinion. How was your experience working on such a beautifully dark project like this? What was it like bringing Belinda Hale to life? 


Working on Cold Moon was such a dream come true for me (both literally and figuratively). For several years I had been obsessing over playing a southern bell character… so when this script came my way and when I auditioned for it… the whole processes honestly just felt so meant to be it was kind of crazy. Yet another experience, similar  to my “center stage” story, of how our thoughts effect what happened in our life experience.

Cold Moon is a suspense thriller that I play a southern Belle who is the happiest, sweetest, most full of life person you will probably ever meet. She was one of my very favorite characters to play… especially since I feel that every character I play rubs off on me a little.. and man while I was filming that movie I felt happier than I think I ever have in  my entire life.  I especially loved getting to work with one of my very favorite directors, Griff Furst, as well as Christopher Lloyd, Josh Stewart, Candy Clark and so many more phonemail talents.

We are huge fans of SyFy original films around here, having talked with so many great folks who have worked on some of their titles. And you’re in that grouping as well! I thought Atomic Shark (which also featured our old friend Adam Ambruso!) was so much fun! So how was that experience for you? Was it as fun to work on as it was for us to watch?

I love love love acting in (& watching) action-comedy films and playing opposite Jeff Fahey, Bobby Campo, and Adam Ambruso on this kick-ass new SYFY film.

Its always so fun to play a bad-ass character like my character, Gina Delamo. It was both such an awesome and challenging experience. I have been dying to do action roles/films for a long time now… so this was another big dream come true for me, one that I visualize everyday and talk everyones ear off about all the time. Its just the coolest feeling when what you think, dream, and slightly obsess over all of the sudden becomes your reality.

I had to do a lot of crazy intense stuff, one of which was a really cool fight scene with one of my female co-stars (Sooo fun). Due to my athletic background I really really love playing bad-ass action hero characters like I got to play in this film and I just can’t wait to do more like it.

It was also so fun to play “Gina Delamo” again in the unofficial sequel Nightmare Shark that came out recently.



You have worked on projects that have shot all over the globe, from Vancouver to Puerto Rico, right back to L.A., etc. So in your experience, what has been the most exciting location you have worked in thus far? 

Probably Puerto Rico just because it felt like I was on vacation with my friends while at the same time getting to live my dream of making movies.

If you were handed the chance to star in the biopic of any important figure from American history, who would it be? 

Cleopatra – because she fascinating and so was the time she lived in.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

I play a really feisty character named “Taryn” in an awesome new film called Psycho Stripper.

I also play a lead character in a new movie called The Missing Sister. This character was so fun to play because I got to play a doctor (I come from a very big medical family so this was really fun for me) but she also is a big kick boxer so I also get to do a lot of really cool fight scenes which is always my very favorite to get to do.

I also play the lead girl in a new film coming out called The Last Exorcist where I play a very tormented girl who has to figure out a way to overcome a ton of tragedy. I also play opposite Danny Trejo in this film and since then we have become the best of friends and I could not be more grateful for his friendship and his example, he is truly a hero of mine. I really feel like this film will blow everyone away and I can’t wait for it to come out.

I also produced and am starring in a new series called, “Class Act”

I also have a very big project in the works with my own production company “Disruptive Productions” that I know will change the game and take people by a very big surprise. I can’t say much more than that right now but I can say that if you want to be a part of the movement they can join at DisruptiveDare.com and get their very own wearable reminders to help them disrupt doubt and be their own hero at DisruptiveApparel.com

And I would love to help anyone and everyone and people can connect with me on my instagram www.instagram.com/rbrookesmith

What was the last thing that made you smile?

The love of my life.

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