Saturday Special: Soldier of War [Film]


“Deep in the forest, two boys discover the entrance to a secret military bunker hidden since World War II and inadvertently awaken an undead soldier, who embarks on a grotesque, ritualistic killing spree. A police investigation begins, but one by one the police and other locals are murdered. Only a World War II veteran holds the secret to stop the killings, but will anybody believe him?” – Uncork’d Entertainment



Folks, as you all know, we love a good scar around here. Our love for the world of horror is deeply engrained within the site. But alas, we are not simply a horror only related website. In fact, sometimes we delve into some pretty heavy shit, possibly trying to make a laugh out of certain subjects from time to time. I state this only because I feel as though all of these aspects our little site are seemingly similar the story that is Soldier of War. This film is a true thrill ride of an experience with plenty of gore and frightening imagery, but also has a not-to preachy but worth acknowledging dramatic center that one could reasonably draw the comparison of zombie soldiers to POWs long since forgotten in the world. But, it’s also a lot of fun! With some incredible imagery, and a story that seems to be only slightly off from a realistic timeline, this is just a film to be watched for the pure enjoyment of cinema viewing itself.


Legendary Emmy Award nominated actor John Rhys-Davies turns out yet another fabulous performance as the man that “all these damn people should have listened to!” who we always love to root for within a film because it makes us feel smarter, and even more, good about ourselves and smarter than we truly are. Which is another brilliant part of cinema viewing that Soldier of War manages to bring out so perfectly. The visuals of Soldier of War are absolutely stunning and worth the length of the film itself. You’re really going to have some fun with this one, Folks!  There is just so much to enjoy, and I can not recommend it to you all enough. Strap in for a few good scares and just a damn good time!


Soldier of War is available now on VOD and DVD wherever you stream or buy quality cinema.



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