New Music Tuesday: Richard James Simpson: Deep Dream [Album]


Hello Folks! I have to say, since my departure from only writing about music close to a decade ago, I rarely have the experience of listening to a full album and thinking, “Well, that was a fucking experience!”. But, I have to say, listening to Richard James Simpson’s sophomore release Deep Dream was indeed a motherfucking EXPERIENCE. I wasn’t just listening to the normal singer/songwriter love affair that I have become accustomed to and have fallen in love with over the years. No, I was sent on a god damned journey listening to this beautifully produced and satanic collection of rhythms and fears that were delightfully packaged as an “alternative rock” album. If “alternative” were to be something that is still packaged as an actual genre of music, this album is definitely something that goes even further beyond that weird ass wave. There is something different about this collective. There is something special hear. It obviously can’t be defined. It is noise. It is beautiful fucking noise. It is a collection of sounds. Wonderful, delightful, and David Lynchian worthy sounds.

There are indeed elements of Deep Dream in which you think that the tracklist is simply coming around to a more recognizable sound, like when “Mary Shoots ‘Em First” comes on and you feel taken back to a the confusing yet recognizable times that we called the 1990’s with the an obvious grunge ode, but fear not dear hipsters, the weirdness comes back instantly. And dammit if it isn’t fucking beautiful! It has been a while since I have heard an album describe in a press release as “sonic”, and it actually range true in any sort of way. But when it comes to Simpson, I feel as this is entirely accurate, and yet, a bit of an underselling.


The ballsy attempt to make “I Couldn’t Be Happier” as the lead off track from the album was a genius and sellable idea. But, the seemingly 80’s anthem rock turned truly weird as fuck track “Free” is bound to be the best track that this album has to offer. Yes, it is catchy yet dark in a way that melds a couple of decades of the past together like melted barbed wire, but it is the epicenter of the entire album. After listening to this entire album even the utterly hip and weird “Half Brother, Half Clouds” with its abundance of pterodactyl screams can’t waver my mind from loving the more simple elements of this wonderfully bizarre album. Don’t get me wrong, the entire thing is wonderful. As I said before, Deep Dream is more of an experience than it is an simply an album. And overall, no matter what it is that you decide to find the most joy out of this album for, you are going to know that this is a wonderful experience. I guarantee it. And if you don’t, well, that’s on you. Please figure out what is wrong with you if those obvious Devil nostril exhaustion don’t fuck with your mind just a little bit. The Sabbath like riffs of “Job” should be enough for you, you god damned psychopath.


“Deep Dreams” will be available wherever you get your music on April 12th, 2019. 



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