Saturday Special: Pet Graveyard [Film]


A struggling student nurse assists her brother and his friends in a graveyard in a dangerous experiment called “brinking” — a ritual where it is said you can explore a region between life and death, enabling you the chance to speak to those who have passed on. However, when they return to life, a sinister force is after the group, wanting to take them back to the dark side and keep them dead.” – October Coast PR




Alright Folks, I know you may feel a bit put off by a film with a title like Pet Graveyard. Yes it is similar to another very famous film and the reboot that is currently making the festival rounds. But trust me Folks, any comparison would be ill-informed and insanely incorrect. This film is so much better than it truly deserved to be. It has an incredible concept, a wonderful story to tell, and has a look that is absolutely brilliant that was made on a restricted budget to say the least. Acclaimed B-Horror producer Rebecca J. Matthews has moved into the director’s chair and has created something truly original and extremely impressive in bringing screenwriter Suzy Spade’s wonderful story to the world.

I would again like to reiterate that this film stands on its own two proverbial feet as a singular piece of art. This is a magnificent horror-thriller for exactly what it is, and nothing more. Any comparison to any other film is unnecessary, and I sincerely wish that the comparisons weren’t so easy to make. But, I get it. Making a film is really, really fucking hard. Something has to draw the audiences. But not unlike so many folks we have spoken with who have worked on “sequel by name only” projects (i.e. The Marine 4, Jarhead 3, etc.), the work is solid. It is well-written, has solid performances, and is simply just a damn fine film. And if it takes attaching the title’s likeness to something that is already known to get this beautiful work out into the world, so be it. I would much rather have a film like Pet Graveyard in existence, even if I don’t care much for the film’s title. I wouldn’t like to you Folks and I definitely am not now when I say that this film is special and should be enjoyed by all. So, please keep at least a slight bit of an open mind, and check out this amazing work of horror. You will definitely not be disappointed!


Pet Graveyard will be available on DVD & VOD on April 2nd, 2019.



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