President’s Day with Mr. Beat [Feature]

Happy President’s Day, Everyone! Yeah, very happy. It’s the day off school that we just sort of take and quickly move on, as we all know that there are far too many asterisks involved with this particular holiday. Take that last sentence and substitute the words “Columbus Day”, and see how that just fits right in there. But, being enthusiastic about history is a concept that we can truly get behind. Even if we don’t believe that an entire day is needed to “celebrate” our founding fathers, history can be an exciting and interesting topic for sure!

Some of you long time readers may recognize the name Mr. Beat, right from the jump. It’s been about 7 years since we covered his wonderful albums about the, you guessed it, the Presidents of the United States of America. Check out President’s Day…the Indie Way! Mr. Beat has also appeared as a beloved Guest Wrecker in the past, and we even featured one of his earlier YouTube videos during the early days of its existence. He has been a dear friend of Trainwreck’d Society back when we simply called him Mr. Electric Needle Room. Oh, and how can we forget about his wonderful contribution to the now long forgotten Children of Mercy. Thanks again for that, Matt!

I was recently very pleased to notice that the Mr. Beat YouTube page has been blowing up! He has reached close to 13.5 million views and has reached audiences from across the globe. The production value of each video only continues to strengthen, and the best part of it all….people are LEARNING! Learning in a very fun way! I know we have thrown quite a bit of the proverbial shade at “YouTubers” in the past, but I am here to say that I fully respect and recommend the work of our dear friend, Mr. Beat. He has several different segments covering different subjects. From “Supreme Court Briefs” to his “Compared” series, they are all wonderful!

So, I thought it would be an appropriate President’s Day “celebration” to share with you all a few of my favorite Mr. Beat videos. Be sure to subscribe to the Mr. Beat YouTube channel, and leave some nice comments his way. It is possible to leave nice comments on YouTube, right? Anyway, tell him we sent you and, well, you won’t get anything for it. But all parties would be very appreciative! Also, if you find Mr. Beat to be truly compelling (as you should), why not sign up for the Mr. Beat Patreon?


“Washington and Oregon Compared”




Supreme Court Briefs: “Can Religion Get You Out of School? Wisconsin v. Yoder”



“The American Presidential Election of 1796”



Story Time with Mr. Beat: “The Lost Generation Writers Explained”




“The Dust Bowl (Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” parody) feat. @MrBettsClass



“Why Do People Hate Jews”




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