New Music Tuesday: The Hots – The Hots [EP]


Holy Shit, Folks! We have a wonderful pair of artist to share with you all today. The Australian bred duo The Hots are an out of this world combo that is not only entertaining, but extremely talented in a manner that is almost unprecedented in this day and age. They are a hard rock duo that perfectly dictates the power of what can come from extremely talented musicianship on the axe, and a set of vocal chords that are simply out of this world. I am seriously in love with the beauty that Foxie Kelly and Ronnie Simmons have given the world with their amazing self titled EP alone. I can’t imagine what the future may hold for this amazing duo, but if it is half as impressive as this EP, I’m certain that they are bound to be a force to reckoned with, hands down.

On a very personal note, there is definitely a nostalgia-inducing aspect to this EP that is very hard to ignore. And frankly, I don’t want to. It shouldn’t be a bad thing to reminisce about the amazing work we have loved in the past. Especially when we are fortunate enough to have a group The Hots out there ready to upgrade a classic sound for the new era. Simmons is simply magical with his guitar work, and Kelly may be one of the finest voices to front a hard rock group I have ever heard since the likes of Goldie Locks or Elsa Faith of Soul Distraction.



When we break it down folks, The Hots are a band like you most likely haven’t heard in quite a long time. We simply haven’t been blessed enough to be privy to such talent as of lately. Sure, the hard rock scene has existed for quite a long time. And if you dig deep enough, the genre that has moved between 80’s hair metal and the beloved grunge sound of the 90’s has probably been producing a plethora of amazing artists that we should all know and love. I guess we just need to be privy to the genre more often. And for that, I am so thankful that I have discovered The Hots, and have been able to share their genius with you fine folks who may not already be aware of their genius. Seriously, Folks. You’re going to love this. Enjoy!


Check out this incredible music video for “Before You”, and find this even more incredible EP wherever you stream/buy your best music:

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