Saturday Special: Crossbreed [Film]


“In the near future, the President of the United States of America hires a team of military veterans to retrieve an alien bio-weapon from a top-secret research facility orbiting the Earth. These highly trained mercenaries must infiltrate the space station and recover the deadly experimental alien cargo located onboard. All is going according to the plan until the cargo escapes.” – October Coast PR


I am just going to come out and say that I unblushingly loved this film. Okay, it is a bit campy, and very much on the simple side of modern day cinema. The budget for the concept needed to be much higher, and the story line couldn’t be much simpler. But, somethings are unavoidable, and god damn if this film wasn’t just so much damn FUN. And who can bash a bit of fun, amiright?

Crossbreed actually does have some amazing visuals for the budget that it was allowed. When we do finally meet the title character themselves, it is a truly horrifying experience. And  the film really does bring a plethora of elements from different genres for anyone to enjoy. I think of it has an Expendables meets Alien type experience, but features more of the oh so beloved comic relief of one Daniel Baldwin. Which can do nothing but add to the experience, that is for damn sure.

Writer/Director Brandon Slagle is an extremely hard-working gentleman who has put out some amazing work, and Crossbreed is yet another lovely addition to his catalogue. I can’t help to think about what this mastermind of a filmmaker would be able to do with a Marvel movie sized budget. Here is to hoping that one day we can find out such a thing. In the sometimes sad world of film, talent does always equal opportunity. Slagle obviously has the talent. So let’s hope that there comes a time when he is allotted the deserved chance to make a film like Crossbreed with the budget that it not only requires, but rightfully deserves.

Oh yeah, and…..Vivica A. Fox really should run for president. I can’t explain to you how much I would LOVE that to be a real thing!


Crossbreed arrives On Demand and Digital HD on February 5th, 2019. Check out the trailer for the film, here:





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