Sunday Matinee: Funny Tweets [Film]

Funny Tweets is a film that gives a very interesting perspective into the world of Twitter, which is as they say, more than just a social media format, but an entire world in its self. I was actually becoming pretty inspired by the film. And then not. And then back again. In one short hour, filmmaker Laurie McGuinness and writer Dan Duvall managed to send me on an emotional roller coaster. And might I add, I had no idea how infatuated I was with the sound of Andy Richter before I heard him give his hilarious take on Twitter. But, after Funny Tweets, I am officially declaring this man a god damned Saint!

The insight of Funny Tweets that is provided by folks who have made a career that started from a few tweets, as well as seasoned comedy vets is actually pretty inspiring. To hear writers from the likes of The Simpsons or Family Guy actually speak well about the benefits of the site is somewhat surprising, but now makes a whole lot of sense after watching this wonderful film that I highly recommend to everyone, even if Twitter is not your social media platform of choice.

And again…Andy Richter = Saint!

Funny Tweets is available on digital from Upstream Flix. Check out the trailer here:


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