Sunday Matinee: The Harrowing [Film]

“Haunted by the  ritualistic  killing  of  his  best  friend,  a  vice  detective determined  to discover  the  truth  goes  undercover  into  a  forensic  hospital  and  is  plunged  into  his  own personal  hell  where  demons  might  be  real.” – October Coast

Right in time for Christmas, we have a gem of a psychological thriller for you fine folks! I know we are supposed to be being more festive around here, but we simply cannot break the tradition of showcasing a truly wonderful Non-Holiday film for you all. Especially when said wonderful film is set to be released on Christmas Day. That’s right folks, prepare to have your mind completely blown away with The Harrowing, a film written and directed by a guy who is becoming one of my own personal favorite writers and filmmakers, on Jon Keeyes. Not to jump ahead here, but Keeyes also has another film coming out next month entitled Doom Room that is absolutely fascinating as well. So stay tuned for that one!

Now back to The Harrowing. Wow. Matthew Tompkins gives an absolutely superb performances as a detective who has a lot of demons to work through. Like, literal demons. He takes on a brilliantly written role in a film that is nothing short of a spectacular story that thrills, excites, and has an absolutely wild ending that you simply will not expect, yet once it happens, you may very well realize you knew the truth all along. Or you won’t. Either way, you’re going to love it.

The Harrowing will be available on VOD and on Demand December 25, 2018 from Clay Epstein’s Film Mode Entertainment.

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