Alana Johnston [Interview]

Hello Folks! Today is a one of the classically amazing types of interviews, in which I immediately become a huge fan of somebody and their work. Today that somebody is the absolutely hilarious Alana Johnston. And she is amazing.

I have heard feedback from some of you fine regular readers in the past about how we manage have truly unique people come to be featured on the site and we manage to ask about one very specific project that they may have worked on, and then a few more very general questions. While others we ask about multiple projects and get a bit more specific. And this is a valid opinion. Facts, really. Sometimes we (or “I”, if I’m being candid) here somebody on a podcast or see that somebody showed up on a show or film that was absolutely amazing, and want to know more about it. So we reach out to the people involved. Today happens to be that very case with our new friend Alana Johnston, who was involved in the latest comedy special for a person we have revered many times over the years, one Trevor Moore. This was how we learned about Alana as she was hilarious in it, so we reached out.

This is simply evolution, Folks. See something, say something, right? I know that’s not the right reason for that phrase, but it sorta works! We saw Alana’s amazing performance, and wanted to learn more about who she was. And, as it tends to happen just about every time, we became huge fans of Johnston and the amazing works he has done and just her wonderful spirit as a person. It always tends to be that if they were willing and had a whole damn wanting to be a part of a project created by somebody else that we already know and love, the chances are high (about 100% at this time) that we are going to be digitally meeting somebody very cool.

And such is the case today! Alana Johnston is absolutely hilarious in this interview, and with her constant work in the Upright Citizens Brigade, and we are so damn excited to have her here today. So Folks, please enjoy some words from our new friend and TWS family member, Alana Johnston!

When did you first discover that you were a hilarious human being, and that you were destined to make a living by making people laugh?

I grew up in a very funny, over the top household so comedy has always been a part of my life. Everyone in my family is funny in different ways so I had to work extra hard to get laughs out of people because it was tough competition! It was my older brother Jason (quite possibly the funniest person I know) that officially got me into comedy in high school when he started the improv team at our school and I joined it a few years later. After that I knew comedy was a done deal for me and I could never turn back. Who doesn’t want to get paid to act a fool and make others laugh????

What was your very first paid gig in the world of comedy? And was there anything from that experience that you learned that still sticks with you in your work to this day?

My first paid gig in the world of comedy was in an interactive dinner theatre show called Tony and Tina’s Wedding and it was actually my brother who got me the job! I guess I owe him my life??? I played one of the caterers and really milked it even though it was truly the smallest part in the entire show. Classic Alana move. That show really taught me how to make the most of any role no matter how small (which is why I could never be a background actor because I am WAY too much with no apology!)



We have spoken with quite a few folks who have worked in the legendary UCB universe, specifically in L.A. and experiences have been varied. I am curious to know about your involvement with UCB. How did you begin working with this illustrious sketch company? And what have you enjoyed while working in this world?

I’m currently a regular performer at UCB doing sketch shows and solo characters as well. I got involved a few years ago when I first moved here. I basically took a class and then auditioned to be on one of the sketch teams and was lucky enough to get on. I then went on to write my own solo shows, host some shows and produce some variety shows as well. Wow seems like I really love to say the word “show”. The thing I’ve enjoyed most is the friends I’ve made because a) Funny people are the most fun and b) Those funny people will go on to get paid to do funny things and then they will give you a job. EVERYONE WINS!

Recently you appeared in, and were fantastic in, Trevor Moore’s special The Story of Our Times. This entire project was so damn fun to watch. I am curious to know how your experience was working on it? Was it as fun to be a part of as it was for the fans to watch?

I had THE BEST time working on the show! Trevor is so talented and funny and really let me run wild with my character. I had worked with the director Nicholas Goossen before so he really knew how to pull the best performance out of me. We shot all the interstissals in one day and got a lot of hot inside jokes rolling on set which is always the best part of any shoot. I was so happy with how it turned out and think Trevor should have a million of his own TV shows!

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

Well I was thinking of going for a walk later to get a roasted chicken so I guess my future seems pretty promising at this point. I’m guessing I’ll be the star of all the shows on tv within the year so GET READY. Maybe I’ll replace the lead in The Good Doctor and they’ll rename the show to The Bad Doctor and my character will be a doctor that refuses to take off her leather jacket with a hot catch phrase like “I don’t play by the rules, I AM the rules”. I post most of my show promos and character vids on Instagram and twitter so I guess I’ll plug those? Is that what people are supposed to do?? My Instagram is @theonlyalanajohnston and my Twitter is @alana_johnston. Prepare to be underwhelmed!

What was the last thing that made you smile?

The last thing that made me smile was my 2 yr old niece (baby Elise) on Facetime. She loves to hold the phone and put it so close to her face that I only see her eyes and forehead. Seems like we’ve got another future comic on our hands…

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