Sunday Matinee: Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain [Film]

“Hacktivist and blockchain expert Lauri Love fights extradition in TRUST MACHINE‹his computer skills a threat to the US government. Tech innovators strike a raw nerve as banks and network pundits rush to condemn volatile cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology. Why are banks terrified while UNICEF Ventures embraces it to help refugee children? Award­ winning filmmaker Alex Winter reveals that proponents of blockchain‹a verified digital ledger‹are already using the technology to change the world; fighting income inequality, the refugee crisis and world hunger.” – Big Time PR

I’m going to need to preface this coverage by attempting to set a lot of minds at ease: I didn’t understand bitcoin before watching this film, and I am still not entirely sure if I do after watching this stunning documentary. But, that is a personal problem. I will say that after watching Alex Winter’s amazing documentary, I understand that it is an absolutely incredible advancement in technology that is receiving a far too negative reaction, for exactly all the wrong reasons. Old heads of our expiring democracy see this type of technology as a threat, and something that needs to stop. Thankfully there are folks out there like legendary cult favorite actor turned documentarian Alex Winter out there to set the god damn record straight.

As I stated before, I am not entirely knowledgable on what bitcoin truly is. But, this is truly just my self-realization that there is so much excellence in the simplicity of it all that it makes it hard for my simple mind to comprehend. Or maybe I understand it entirely. Cryptocurrency makes about as much sense as a monetary world that is solely based around numbers and figures placed into a digital bank. Why wouldn’t it work? Well, the real answer is that there is no reason. It can work. It should work. But, will the powers that be allow it to be a thing? I mean, “no” is their answer. But, can they really stop it? I believe that time will truly tell. And in watching Trust Machine, I find the the future to be very bright in knowing that the old fogies like myself are just going to have to deal with the changes for the better by just stepping the fuck aside, and keeping our god damn mouths closed. Of course, I am not a person of power, so I could never understand the level of narcissism that it takes to be one of these psychopaths, but I’m not here to brag. I’m simply here to support the likes of Laurie Love and everyone else out there who is desperately trying to make the future so bright that we will all be wearing designer aviators out of necessity.

What I am basically trying to say here is that if you have ever wondered what exactly cryptocurrency and blockchain truly is, and want to set your mind at ease about something that is so scary and different than what you are used to, you absolutely MUST see Trust Machine. And also, I may be biased as a fan, but I would believe just about any and every thing that Rosario Dawson told me. Thank goodness she’s not a flat-earther, as I really wouldn’t know what to do.

All jokes aside, Alex Winter has created something magical here. This is the type of documentary that has the ability to not only change minds, but history. Please watch this!

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain recently premiered in L.A. on November 16th. Additional cities are to follow. Keep up with how you can check out the film at the film’s WEBSITE. And check out the trailer for the film right here:

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