Liza Treyger [Interview]

Photo by Mindy Tucker

Holy Shit Folks! We have an absolutely wonderful interview to share with you all today. I know I say this a lot, and I always do mean it. But today is very special! Today we are featuring one of my favorite stand up comedians working today. It’s Liza Treyger Everyone! I have been following Liza’s work for quite a few years now. Well, honestly, I’ve just managed to hear her on probably dozens of podcasts, which may not be truly considered “work” (as Liza will discuss below) but it is undeniable that Liza is downright hilarious, and a rabbit hole of Treyger related YouTube videos is probably one of the most delightful ones you can go down. She is raw, honest, and has brilliantly honest takes on a mirage of different topics. She can make you feel uncomfortable with her honesty and forthrightness, which is truly a sign of a damn great comic.

As previously mentioned, I have been following Liza for years, and have watched her grow as a comic and begin to receive the popularity I felt she deserved so many years ago. Most recently notable, Liza can be found the latest stand up special that Netflix has put out entitled The Degenerates. The special features some other amazing comics, but the stand out of them all was obviously Treyger. I watched them all in one binge, and all biases aside, I found this special to be one of her best sets to date. Go watch this Folks! If you call yourself a fan of comedy, and haven’t delved into the world of Liza Treyger, I truly won’t believe you.

So Folks, please enjoy some words from one of the best in the game, the great Liza Treyger!

When did you first discover that you were a damned funny person, and that comedy was a natural gift that you could use to earn a living?

Being funny might be a natural gift, but doing stand up is a skill that you get better doing with experience and when I decided to do comedy it was never to earn a living. That was a great perk, but I didn’t realize it until years after doing it. But, yeah just being a funny person doesn’t mean you’re going to be good at stand up and some good stand ups are boring people that I want away from me. But, if someone’s goal is just to make money I would suggest not getting into stand up comedy.

Having been in the game for a while, and traveled all over the place doing stand up, I am always curious to find out what are some hidden gems of cities out there in regards to comedy? What are some places that most people wouldn’t think of as great comedy towns?

I love the crowds and shows and comics in DC! Cleveland is a good time! Lots of good local shows at sweet venues with great food and there’s a lot to do there. Cleveland has a great art museum, fun sports, Great Lakes Brewery, and cheap ass drinks.

I loved your appearance on the podcast Stand By Your Band that is hosted by former TWS guest Tom Thakkar and Tommy McNamara, in which you so brilliantly defended the genius of Aqua. I actually happen to catch you on ALOT of podcasts, which is probably how I know of you the most! As a huge podcast fan, I am curious to know how podcasts affect your work as a comedian? Do you get people showing up in random cities saying, “I heard you on Race Wars/SBYB/etc.”? Is there any ultimate payout for doing podcasts? 

I like doing podcasts because I love to talk and chat and hang with friends, so I’ll do almost any podcast but i don’t do anything for payouts. What I get from it I just like to have fun and I find them enjoyable. I do get people at my shows from podcasts more than anythings else. we will see what happens after Netflix but, I get a lot of Crab Feast fans come out to my shows and i almost always at least one day a weekend see someone in a Legion of Skanks t shirt. being able to be on podcasts also gives me something to do in the daytime or I might never leave my house so that’s great too. Oh and this is a radio show but people come out from Bennington!

I really loved your appearances on the brilliant series Horace & Pete. What was it like to work on this truly unique project? And to keep it a secret the whole time? That had to have been tough!

I mean I told my friends, so I didn’t really keep the secret but, I loved not telling people outside my friend group and then it just dropping out of nowhere. Loved that and felt super cool. working on this show was one of the best moments of my life and I’m very grateful and just still can’t believe it. I mean Steve Buscemi, Alan Alda, Edie Falco, Jessica Lange, and then just chilling with Steven Wright, like OMG! it was magic to be around such talented people and watching them work.

Liza Treyger on The Degenerates available on Netflix NOW!

Your Netflix Special that was on Netflix’s The Degenerates was definitely the biggest highlight of that showcase for me. Part of it was that I was a big fan of yours before it came out, but also it was so fucking funny! So, what is life like post-Netflix special? Have you noticed the Netflix-bumped life been going for you? 

it just came out [two weeks ago] so it’s mostly attention on the internet which isn’t real. Oh but people are texting me, so that’s nice but, I hope people come see me live. The biggest thing honestly was the paycheck too, that was great and now I have my own place and bought a bunch of stuff and threw a party. I also got a bunch of leather harnesses, omg and got to see Celine Dion since we taped in Vegas, which was a true gift!

When you look back on your career in the world of comedy in say 50 years or so, what would you like to be able to look back and say to yourself about the legacy you will leave behind?

I just hope to always be working and thinking forward and making cool things that I believe in. I just hope I always stand up for myself and others and stay true to myself and treat people well and always pushing myself creatively. I would love to have some specials and projects that people can watch for years to come.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers? 

I would just love for them to watch my special and follow me on Instagram. I’m working on [some]things but there’s really no guarantee that anything will actually come out but, hopefully there’ll be some fun things in the future.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

OMG, today I got to go to a college sociology classroom to talk and do stand up and answer questions  and I really loved the students and teacher and they made me smile. They were cool ass city kids and chatty and confident and I just had such good feelings and that made me smile! Before that I put a new shelf thing in my living room and decorated it so freaking cute and I keep smiling every time i see it.

Check out Liza’s special featured on The Degenerates available now on Netflix.

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