Tina Parker [Interview]

Happy Friday Folks! And welcome back to the real world after a full on Month of Horror. Today we are sharing some words from an absolutely amazing actress who also happens to be a part of the horror community as well, but has talents that go way beyond just the world of horror. It’s Tina Parker! You know and love her from the world that Vince Gilligan has given us that is known as Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. She is brilliant on these programs, and in everything she does. Including her work on several other projects that we will discuss within the interview.

We are so damn excited to have Tina grace our digital pages here today. She is a wonderful actress, but more importantly she is a wonderful human being! So let’s not waste your valuable time with my ramblings, and just get right into it! Please enjoy some amazing words from the brilliant Tina Parker!

When did you realize that you wanted to join the world of acting? Has it always been a deep-rooted passion for you?

I’ve known since kindergarten- when I played a spinning top  in the first graders’ Christmas play (I was really tall and really goofy for my age) –that I wanted to be an actor.  I toyed with the idea of being a horse jockey (but was already too tall in 1st grade) and a heart surgeon in fifth grade (which lasted for all of 5 seconds) but other than that- I’ve always wanted to act. Luckily for me, I have a family and have had teachers along the way who really encouraged and supported me along the way of this crazy creative adventure.

What was the very first paid gig you scored as an actress? And was there any knowledge you learned from this first experience that you still use today? 

My first ever gig was an extra in the background of a banking commercial.  A more seasoned actor  noticed they were also shooting the Spanish version at the same time and leaned over to me and said “Call your agent on break and let her know. They need to be paying us for 2 spots”. I learned that you need to keep an eye on what’s going on, be familiar with the basic rules & fees and always ask questions – either to an AD/producer or your agent- if you are unsure about something. Nothing is a dumb question.

You have been giving a brilliant performance as Francessca Liddy in both of the acclaimed Vince Gilligan shows Breaking Bad and more recently Better Call Saul, along with our old friend Joe DeRosa. What has it been like to work in such an esteemed and brilliantly made world?

Thanks so much for the kind words! In one word – AMAZING. Best gigs of my career thus far, no question. Every day I get to be on those ABQ stages is a gift.  On both shows- no matter what your position, whether you are a show runner, a co-star or a PA, everyone is invested in the show and is willing to do whatever it takes to make the show the best it can be.  Plus, the BrBa/BCS folks are just good, down-to-earth hilarious folks, which makes for a fun set and one conducive to making good work. Land of Enchantment, indeed. 🙂

We are huge fans of the Puppet Master franchise, having spoken close to a dozen folks from the long running series. We are very excited about The Littlest Reich that you will be appearing in! What was it like to dive into the Puppet Master universe? And what can we expect to see you doing in the film? 

Totally insane and totally fun- – and (spoiler alert) I mean who doesn’t want to be chased & killed by one of those reedonkulous evil little bastard puppets?   I play Betsy – a tough biker broad.  Expect laughs and blood. LOTS OF BLOOD. ha.

Last year you also made a great appearance on the wonderful Amazon Original Series, One Mississippi, that features our dear friend Stephanie Allyne. What was it like to jump into a program like this?

Another fun gig -I guess I’m one lucky bastard in that respect. We shot in one of my favorite cities in the world- New Orleans, LA , which was glorious. I’m a huge fan of Tig Notaro so I tried not to fan girl out too much, ha. Tig was as genuine, generous, and hilarious as you would expect her to be from watching her stand-up. So slipping into their world for a one-off shoot, which can sometimes be discombobulating as an actor-  was fun and easy. Plus, I got to eat some delicious food and hear some rad jazz while I was there!

If you were handed the role of any one individual from American history, who would it be? 

I played Margaret Fuller in a play in 2011 (Charm by Kathleen Cahill) and was surprised  that I wasn’t really aware of her or her impact on women’s rights.  I would love to have another crack at her  – and spread the word about this amazing woman.

“You Got Older” coming to the Kitchen Dog Theater in Dallas, Texas.


What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers? 

I’m pumped for our new season (Season #28!) at Kitchen Dog Theater in Dallas, TX – where I serve as Co-Artistic Director.  It’s an adventurous season chock full of mayhem, magic and premieres. I’ll be directing the Regional Premiere of You Got Older by Clare Barron. Check out the Kitchen Dog season here: www.kitchendogtheater.org. And finished work in March on a cool indie film called To The Stars with Malin Akerman, Jordana Spiro & Liana Liberato –  great script & director (Martha Stephens)  –excited to see how it all comes out.

What was the last thing that made you smile? 

I’m a huge Prince fan and recently made a pilgrimage to Paisley Park in Minneapolis for a weekend. Being surrounded by all things Prince- costumes, guitars, notebooks, etc , seeing video clips of him performing throughout his career, hearing his music — brought forth both the smiles and the tears…

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