Sunday Bloody Sunday Matinee: Dead Love [Film]

Welcome to Day 21 of Trainwreck’d Society’s Annual Month of Horror Showcase! We have a fully loaded month of all things horror for you fine folks! October is our favorite month for this very reason, and we are so excited to share 31 full days of film showcases and interviews with some of the finest folks from the world of horror, just as we have been doing for the last 5 years. What started as a simple 5 day showcase, has now blossomed into a full blown month long event. You’re going to love this! Enjoy!

“Brandon is a young train engineer whose world is upended when his mother suddenly takes her own life. At the funeral home, he meets Fiona, a beautiful and mysterious mortician who takes a strong interest in him. Soon they discover they share a passion for music. And when Fiona serenades him with an ancient folk song, their lives become entwined for eternity.” – October Coast PR

This might very well be one of the hardest films to ever truly explain. First and foremost, it is a brilliant tale. Whether or not it is technically a horror film is not really a necessary argument, as it is just a damn fine piece of art. Sure, it’s pretty easy to classify it as a thriller and just go on about our lives. But I honestly just don’t work like that. I’m not hung up on categorizing films…that much. But, I do believe that the genre blending of Dead Love is one of the finest elements of the film. It is a dramatic thriller with a twist of horror elements involved.

I’m not going to spoil what the dark secret may be that leaves the main characters with their “lives becoming entwined for eternity”, but it is suffice to say that a whole lot of you are not going to see it coming. Myself included. I watch a lot of horror movies, as you could guess, but I have never seen anything quite like this. Again, it could be possible this is because it isn’t a proper horror film, and actually isn’t advertised as such. It’s just…just…just fucking watch it! I want everyone I know to watch this film with one of the best endings ever made so I can TALK TO SOMEONE!!

One element that makes this brilliant film such a delight also comes with a heavy surprise. The film’s female lead is one Nicole Elizabeth Olson. Not aware of work? Do not feel bad, as this is her first film! And I am not over exaggerating when I say that she NAILS IT in her role as Fiona. I became immensely engrossed in Dead Love to the point where I couldn’t stop watching it, but I kept it in the back of my head to look up who this Olson character was, and where I could find her other work. Turns out, there is no other work! I was just privy to the fact that this was her first on screen performance, and almost refused to believe it. It seriously took someone from the film’s promotion team to ensure this to me. I seriously could not believe it. And I truly hope that Nicole understands what a huge talent she is, and she has so much to offer the world of performance. Should all the stars align, this woman is going to be a star! The talent is undeniable, all she needs is opportunity. Which, sadly and an entirely different subject, can be the biggest pain in the ass of all. But, here is to hope!

And back to the idea that the film is so uncategorizable is really a tribute to the genius that is the film’s team of talent that brought this story to life. Writer’s Emanuel Isler and Chad Israel wrote one hell of a story, and directors Colin Floom and Greg Nemer did a superb job at giving the visual respect that the story deserved. Luke Askelson eye should not be disregarded as well as it was quite good.

Overall, Dead Love is an indie masterpiece, and one of the finest films of 2018. I need you all to see this gem, and get back to me on your thoughts. We have covered some great films this year at Trainwreck’d Society, as recently as just one week ago, yesterday even. And this is most definitely one of them, Folks. Check it out!

Dead Love is available now on DVD and VOD. Check out the trailer below, and purchase the film wherever you get your viewing pleasure:

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