Sunday Bloody Sunday Matinee: Clickbait [Film]

Welcome to Day 14 of Trainwreck’d Society’s Annual Month of Horror Showcase! We have a fully loaded month of all things horror for you fine folks! October is our favorite month for this very reason, and we are so excited to share 31 full days of film showcases and interviews with some of the finest folks from the world of horror, just as we have been doing for the last 5 years. What started as a simple 5 day showcase, has now blossomed into a full blown month long event. You’re going to love this! Enjoy!

“Clickbait tells the story of Bailey and Emma, roommates who have conflicting philosophical views on fame in the Internet age. Just when Bailey’s vlog stats begin waning, they are threatened by a dangerous stalker, resulting in their exploding popularity on the vlogging site str33ker. When Bailey is kidnapped, Emma, with the help of the incompetent detective Frank Dobson, must race against time and her own exploding popularity, to locate Bailey.” – Launch Over Films

We have been teasing this one a lot over the last week, and I know you have all be patiently waiting for it as you are all fine and gentle people. Well, now you can let your proverbial hair down and get excited! Today we are talking about the amazing comedy horror film Clickbait! Previously we spoke with the film’s co-writer and a fantastic stand up comedian Jeremy Long about his work on the project. And on Friday we ended our week of interviews with some words from the man who portrayed the incompetent detective Frank Dobson, the wonderful actor Seth Chatfield. I can not recommend to you know to go back and check out their words as they have so many wonderful things to say about the film that would simply be echoed here in a far less professional manner.

Clickbait is just about the most fun I have had watching a film in such a long time. And fun in a different way that I had become accustomed to in watching the work of the great filmmakers that are Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein. These two have shown up a lot here at Trainwreck’d Society for what should be extremely obvious reasons. Do a quick search of either of them, or both, and you will see a magnitude of amazing projects in the world of film and music that is all bursting with talent and charisma. But, the one thing you won’t find too much of is their involvement in the specific world of comedy. The duo has been tormenting us for years in the world of horror with films like Ten and Blood of the Tribades, and even confusing a simple mind like mine in the world of science fiction with the wonderfully done Magnetic. But, we really haven’t seen the two pair up to create something that is of the thriller nature, but also quite hilarious!

I seriously had to fact check myself on this, and I believe I am right. Problem being that Sophia and Michael have worked on other comedic projects that never made it to our digital pages, but also that they are a couple of the best social media follows I have ever witnessed. Case in point: The Beyonce Thread. Seriously, go to this.

So, here we are finally talking about the duo’s stab at the world of comedy horror (there’s a pun there somewhere, right?), and it would behoove us to mention that the cast of this film is magnificent. Along with the three main leads, there is just a whacky plethora of side characters and cameos that are brilliantly done, but also great little cameos for anyone who is a follower of the MJE and Sophia C world. I liken it to my fellow View Askew/Kevin Smith fanatics out there. You know, the people who knew of Ming Chen as the View Askew tech guy BEFORE Comic Book Men. Yeah, that deep. But, fandom aside, so much love has to be given to the absolutely brilliant Amanda Colby Stewart and Brandi Aguilar. I finished this film with an absolute desire to see these two in more and more work. And as immensely talented as they are, I so no reason that I won’t. Stewart is amazing as she brings the reality of the modern world on screen in such a cringe-worthy yet you can not deny it to be true sort of way. And Aguilar is wonderful in her performance as the character who seems to have the right perspective, but her rational ideals just don’t seem to translate into modern society. I have always said that the writing of dialogue for a character is only as good as the actor’s who speak them. Well, I’m sure everyone says that, even like, actual professionals out there. Anyway, it’s true. And While Jeremy Long and Michael J. Epstein have written a beautifully tragic and hilarious story, Stewart and Aguilar were brilliant at putting their words out into the world.

And of course, there’s our buddy Seth Chatfield. Again, I’d really love you all to head back to last Friday’s interview with Seth, as he is such a charming man and a damn delightful person. He was amazing in this film. His character manages to ease the tension when needed, and bring us right back into it when it was needed even more.

I also can’t say enough about the great work that went into creating the  incredible music and sound of the film. Our dear friend and frequent MJE/Sophia C collaborator Catherine Capozzi is joined with her old friends as well as the band Night Kisses to create a wonderfully entertaining sound. Much like everything Capozzi touches, Clickbait has turned into award winning musical gold. And Night Kisses is a band that is now continuously on my radar, and should be on yours as well.

Seriously folks, from the cast to the writing, to the editing, to the flawlessly executed Toot Strudel commercials (seriously, watch this, you are going to love them), This is film is a masterpiece in the world of comedy horror. Please recognize that I put “comedy” before “horror”, as I truly believe in my heart of heart’s that at it’s root this is a wonderful comedic film with some well done horror moments. It’s dark without getting grim, and fun without getting real blue. I truly loved Clickbait, and I know you all are going to as well!

Clickbait is currently making its rounds on the festival circuit, and is sit to be released sometime in 2019. Until then, follow the film on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and check out the trailer below. And if you find yourself in attendance at one of these fine festivals, watch for the film through the next few weeks:

10/16  Sanford International Film Fest in Sanford, ME

10/27  FANtastic Horror Film Fest in San Diego, CA

11/3  Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Fest in Buffalo, NY

<p><a href=”″>Clickbait (2018) – Trailer from Launch Over – Cacciola / Epstein on Vimeo.

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