Susan Slaughter [Interview]

Welcome to Day 5 of Trainwreck’d Society’s Annual Month of Horror Showcase! We have a fully loaded month of all things horror for you fine folks! October is our favorite month for this very reason, and we are so excited to share 31 full days of film showcases and interviews with some of the finest folks from the world of horror, just as we have been doing for the last 5 years. What started as a simple 5 day showcase, has now blossomed into a full blown month long event. You’re going to love this! Enjoy!

Hello Everyone! We have an absolutely wonderful interview to share with you all today for our showcase. It is some wonderful words from the even more wonderful human being that is Susan Slaughter! Susan is truly unique actress who worked alongside our friend Sarah French (who you may or may not be hearing from family soon) in the frightening and brilliant film Ouija House. She was also heavily involved with the brilliant Ghost Hunters series, and has some pretty damn interesting things to say about this show particularly. I am so excited for you guys to read what she has to say! So much so, I’m going to stop babbling, and let Susan take the proverbial stage! So enjoy!

What inspired you to get into the world of film and television? One would assume you had a close influence in the world, but that isn’t really fair. What was it about this world that, to you personally, really drew you in?

Since I was very young I have always had a flair for theatre and drama. I was always joining school clubs or starting my own clubs around dance and theatre. I never really grew up with TV like most of the youth in America did. The only chances I had to watch TV or movies came when I was at friend’s house and it was always a treat. My mother tried to shelter me from watching horror films, and being defiant in nature, it made the genre that more appealing to me. I loved how the villains drove entire plots and became powerful, undefeatible forces that would spawn sequel after sequel. There were characters like Ripley from Alien, Sidney Prescott from Scream, Laurie from Halloween… I thought, “Damn, these women are badass!”. I feel like horror acting is extremely underrated now-a-days. I realized from a tender age that you had to have some serious range to pull of the emotions these characters demanded regardless if you were the Final Girl or the Villain. I wanted be in/make horror films so bad!

Can you tell us a bit about your involvement in the world of Ghost Hunters? For those who may not have followed from the beginning, how did you get into this business?

Another reason for my intrigue with the horror genre stemmed from my own personal experiences with the paranormal. I was experiencing phenomena pretty regularly as a child, through my teen years, and even now as an adult. But when I was younger, I needed to understand what these visions, orbs, and shadows were. I joined a team in Miami that I came across by pure luck. I reached out to them and offered them my assistance in anyway they saw fit and to my surprise they responded and allowed me to join and help along with some investigations. I think I just really enjoyed being around people who were totally different than myself, yet had something incredible in common. Most members on the team were either sensitives like myself, or have had paranormal experiences too! You used the word “business” and I just want to point out that doing investigations outside of TV definitely has no monetary gain. Its more like monetary drain… like an expensive hobby. You don’t make jack shit investigating people homes or historical sites… you were lucky to break even. It takes a lot of time, patience, and a never ending inquisitive mindset.

Ghost Hunters happened when I decided to quite college because of some drama with, well, the drama department. I was in school running costumes, makeup, stage, and lighting pretty much all by myself and getting ZERO recognition for all my efforts. I sent in a video to SyFy when I saw they were looking to cast another investigator on the show. I started off on Ghost Hunters Academy where I had to compete for my position against others. When I won, I chose to join Ghost Hunters International because I loved the idea of traveling abroad and investigating locations older than The States.

I am very excited about a film that you are in that is to be released this year, entitled Ouija House, which features fellow Month of Horror interview subject, Sarah French! Can you tell us a bit about this project? What can we see you doing in the film?

Ouija House! I basically got cast as a witch solely because I am a real life witch (Not a baby sacrificing witch like I am in Ouija House). And when I heard Dee Wallace was involved I absolutely said yes! Sarah was also cast as an evil witch and we first met on set. We instantly connected because not only did we have a ton of mutual friends, we have a lot in common! I’ll be honest, I have yet to watch the movie. BUT! I will change that by the time this gets to you!

With this being our Month of Horror showcase and all, I am curious to know what it is you enjoy about working in the more frightening world of suspense and horror? What sets it apart from other projects you have work on?

Horror has ALWAYS been my favorite genre. When I moved to LA and started meeting and working with people who make the movies that I loved, I discovered what an awesome community the horror scene is. Im not dealing with the douchey Harvey Weinstein types in this genre. People can be as creative, as dark, as gory, or as sexually expressive as they want in the horror genre and still have their projects greenlit. Also, going back to what I said earlier, acting in a horror film is so much more fun because of the range of emotions actors get to portray. This year alone I got to be a baby-sacrificing witch, a nun, the right hand of the devil, a hipster cunt at a bar, and a forensic tech. All in the name of horror!

What is your favorite scary movie?

My favorite horror movies… The Thing, The Fly, Alien, Altered States, Sunshine… sci-fi horror is my jam! Other honorable mentions… American Werewolf in London, The Shining, Maniac, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Castle Freak, The Descent, The Ritual, Hereditary.

What are you plans for the upcoming Halloween? Any kind of traditions you try to uphold each year?

I wish I had a Halloween tradition. I usually end up working on Holloween at some sort of event as a speaker or guest. This year I’ve decided to go to the Magic Castle with a squad of friends and dress up all fancy and macabre-like… but not necessarily in costume. My whole life and world is Halloween year round, so I don’t ever have a case of FOMO about it.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

I’m really excited about these movies that have come out or will be coming out this year or soon next year. Keep an eye out for Slay Belles, starring myself, Kristina Klebe, Barry Bostwick, and Hannah Minx. Im also really excited about The Dawn, which should be coming out soon starring Devanny Pinn. I have a really cool scene with Devanny in that one. Also, I have a fun little cameo in Dragged Into Sunlight which is directed by Joe Begos.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

The last thing that made me smile was getting a text from SpookyDan Walker with the most bad ass poster art for Slay Belles. I can’t wait to get my hands on a print!

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