Sunday Matinee: Revenge [Film]

“Travelling under a false identity, Rebekka sets out on a mission to confront Morten Holand whom she shares a dark secret surrounding the death of her sister. As her plan falls apart, Rebekka is forced to face the devastating consequences of her actions and must decide how far she is willing to go to seek revenge.” – October Coast PR

Folks, I have to preface this by saying that if you are even remotely thinking about watching this film….strap in! Revenge is a brilliant thriller set against a beautiful Norwegian backdrop with some absolutely amazing performances. I usually get a bit nervous when starting a film that really sets up the premise and story very early. I know from film watching experience that it takes a certain kind of talented filmmaker and/or writer to keep the momentum going until the inevitable conclusion. Even if you don’t know what exactly will happen, you know a confrontation is imminent. And I have to say that Kjersti Steinsbø absolutely nailed it, and has created one of the finest films of recent years!

While it would behoove me to mention the incredible performances by folks like Frode Winther (who is so good at being hated!), Helene Bergsholm, Trond Espen Seim, and others…the performances that really stood out to be is not only from the film’s lead, the brilliant Siren Jørgensen who is so close to perfect it’s frightening, but also the amazing Anders Baasmo Christiansen. Now to be fair, Anders was handed a wonderfully written character to work with. I was honestly worried about what direction his character, Bimbo, was going to take. But, even with the perfectly written character, execution is everything. And I believe that Mr. Christiansen executed this role absolutely perfectly. And going back to Siren, just bloody brilliant! Another greatly written character, but with obvious motives, it was a character that was obviously a bit harder to execute. And again, she crushed it!

As most of you readers know, we don’t even cover films that we aren’t fans of here at Trainwreck’d Society. So technically, we would probably recommend every film we showcase here. But this one, Folks, you absolutely HAVE to see. I was so enamored by this brilliant put together film with a Norwegian backdrop that almost seemed unfair to other films that aren’t set in such a magnificent location! I’ve enjoyed Revenge so much that I have made a mental note to check out the work of not only the filmmaker, but everyone involved with this amazing project. And I am certain that you will to after only one viewing of this incredible film. Check it out Folks! I guarantee you will not be disappointed



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