Sven-Ole Thoreson [Interview]

I am always excited when we have legendary folks on Trainwreck’d Society, and I never forget how blessed I am to have this platform to share words from amazing figures in the world of film, television, music, etc. But, Folks, this is an AMAZING interview that truly hits close to home for me personally. And it should for all of you as well!

We have spoken with a lot of folks who have worked in both the View Askew and post-Jersey world of the brilliant filmmaker, and recent heart attack survivor Kevin Smith, over the last few years. And today we have another brilliant individual from this world who is forever embedded in my mind as one of the best “villains” of all time in the View Askew world. He has also had a brilliant career beyond this one film, which we will definitely discuss below, but it behooves me to emphasize just how much I adore Sven-Olen Thoreson for his role as LaFours in the cult classic film Mallrats.

Sven-Olen is not only a legend in the world of acting, he is a renowned body builder, even receiving the covenant title as Denmark’s strongest man. He has also managed to have been killed by his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger on screen more than anyone in history! Which is very impressive considering the death toll that the former California Governor has racked up on screen.

So Folks, please enjoy some amazing words from not only a legend in the world of all things Kevin Smith, Schwarzenegger, and body building….but a genuinely cool and wonderful person we are proud to call a friend of Trainwreck’d Society, the great Sven-Olen Thoreson!

What inspired you to join the world of acting? How did you transition into this line of work?

In Denmark based on size not talent, I was asked to work on a few pictures. And based on my friendship with Schwarzenegger, after inviting him to promote Pumping Iron in Denmark, I was invited to work on 3 Conan films, Conan the Barbarian in Spain, Conan the Destroyer in Mexico and Red Sonja in Italy, still living in Denmark.

When I moved to LA, the only person I knew was Arnold, so I called him and was invited to Grifith Park where he was filming Comando. Joe Silver the producer, became very impressed by my huge size, being much bigger than Arnold, that he offered me $20K to work as a stuntman and train Arnold to keep him in shape. I had to become a member of SAG and to get a US Social Security Number. I went to SAG and produced proof of prior movie work and gave them my Danish SSN, and from then on I have worked non stop for 30 years and so far been apart of over 160 productions both on Film & TV.

In 1995 you appeared in the cult classic comedy film Mallrats, as the antagonist to Jay & Silent Bob, La Fours. What was it like to work on a project like this? How did working under the guise of Kevin Smith differ from other work you have done?

The year before I had worked with Jean Claude Van Dame on Hard Target and the producer Jim Jax promised me, that I would work for him in Mallrats.

Working with Kevin Smith was a thrill and working in the biggest mall in US in Minesota. The whole cast and crew was such a joy.

Your line of work is obviously a very dangerous one at times. What would say has been the most unfortunate accident that has occurred on one of your projects?

In Dragon, The Bruce Lee Life Story Directed by Rob Cohen, where I played the demon, and have a big fight scene with Jason Scott Lee, shot in Hong Kong.

The finish of this particular scenes was moved on location in Granada Hills in California where my character comes up from a grave to fight. Because of the light the scene had to be shot just before sunrise…

I was supposed to come up by a lift from 12 feet underground and had to ware an oxygen mask based on heavy smoke that covered the graveyard. So before stepping on to the lift I asked the special effect guys if it was secure & safe. I was told that there had been 6 people on the lift tested several times. We did the first take of final scene of the fight scene and it was perfect.

The director was happy, but asked us to do another take while we still had time before sunrise… so I was yet again prepped with an oxygen mask and steped out on lift to be lowered down the 12 feet, when the cable broke and dumped me to the depth of the hole and I broke both my knees and lost the oxygen mask and could not breathe. I recall that I could not get out of there, so I screamed for my life and fainted. Next thing I recall is laying on the ground and seeing the crew and director looking down on me and said “Yes! Thank God, He ain’t dead!”

When you look back on your career, and the extremely impressive body of work that you have done, what would you say you are most proud of?

The scene from Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott, where my character Tigris fights Russell Crow who plays Maximus must be the one to mention here, becourse when I arrived in Malta where that scene was shot, I was given a 30 page storyboard with the movements and camera angels of the entire fight. 4 weeks of prep and 3 weeks to shoot the scene.

I was 55 and the role was very hard and tiredsome, but due to my discipline I could carry on and it got me 2 Stunt Oscars, the Taurus Awards, one for best work with Animals ( Tigers ) and one for best fight.

When you’re not out there hard at work on set, what would we find you doing for a little bit of “me time”?

I’m often to busy for me time, but writing scripts, books, hanging out with family and friends, working out, hiking and reading and giving public speakings and seminars all over the world has my time outside of the set of filming.


What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

I have upcomming filmings in Israel, the US, and Denmark and still fit for fight.

I plug my stuff as it comes up for promotion so I suggest the readers tag along on my website and find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

This, your question 🤪

Believe in your self, pain no gain, body and mind, you only have one body look after it!

I salute you all!

Check out this amazing video entitled “Muscle For Hire” created by Mick Hedge that can also be found at

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