Sunday Matinee: Rock Rubber 45s [Film]


Rock Rubber 45s is a cinematic odyssey exploring the connectivity of global basketball, sneaker, and music lifestyle through the firsthand lens of authentic New York City culture orchestrator Bobbito Garcia. The film explores García’s youth dealing with mistreatment, educational quandaries, identity, and loss as well as his ascension to self-determination as an adult freelance creative. The ballplayer/author/DJ/filmmaker has carved an independent career that has inspired millions throughout the world, and has affected the growth and direction of the footwear, hip hop, and sports industries in the process. ” – Emma Griffiths PR

Whenever I throw on a documentary like this, I immediately begin to feel ashamed. Let me explain. As I have probably said a few times here at TWS, I was not aware of the subject matter of the film. In this case, it is the brilliant Bobbito Garcia. He is a man who has been so inspirational to so many different cultures, and I was so ignorant that I was unaware of his existence. And in my defense, the culture he created is pretty removed from my own. Although I appreciate the culture of street ball, sneakers, and NYC in general, I honestly know nothing about it. But, I do know something about cultural diversity, unity, and the importance of self representation. And I firmly believe that these are the things that Bobbito Garcia represents the most, and I am so damn happy to know that there is a man like this out there in the world, gaining as much success as possible.



Check out Rock Rubber 45s on VOD this Tuesday to find out why legends like Michael Rapaport, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Patti Labelle, Questlove, and Rosie Perez call this man a genius!

Also check out the film at the following events:

July 24th – Kinki Lounge Kitchen in Ottawa, Ontario

July 31st – Kinki Lounge Kitchen in Ottawa, Ontario

August 1st – BAM Rose Cinemas in New York City, New York

August 30th – Claremont Community Center in Bronx, New York

And surely more to follow! For all things Bobbito Garcia, be sure to check out his WEBSITE for tickets to screenings, as well as info about all the amazing things he is working on!


<p><a href=”″>Rock Rubber 45s</a> from <a href=””>Saboteur Media</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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