Zak Knutson [Interview]

Oh do we have a GREAT interview for you fine folks today! I have been waiting for years to be able to finally get the brilliant Zak Knutson here on our digital pages! He is an absolutely brilliant filmmaker, actor, and a damn fine showman who’s importance has been forever embedded into a world that we have celebrated time and time again here at Trainwreck’d Society. And that would is the beloved View Askewinverse. Yes, when it comes to the world that Kevin Smith set out to create 25 years ago, we have been rightfully obsessed. We have featured some damn fine folks from this world, and today is no exception. Zak remains a friend in the View Askew world, and will always be deemed a hero to us die hard fans of all things Kevin Smith.

And since moving on to bigger and better things, Knutson has only been thriving! His recent film Supercon, had a theatrical run and is available wherever you buy/rent films. It has a brilliant cast, including the wonderful comic Russell Peters and a small but brilliant appearance from our new friend here at TWS, the great Candi Brooks! It is a hilarious film, and just further evidence of the brilliance that Zak Knutson can and will give to the world.

So Folks, please enjoy some words from the brilliant Zak Knutson!

When did you first decide that you wanted to join the world of film? What initially drew you into this business?

I’ve never really wanted to do anything else. The family television set was my babysitter when I was younger. Well, after watching the billionth episode of Little House on the Prairie, you start to notice the credits. Michael Landon was all over that thing, and I was fascinated that the guy who starred in the show, also wrote it… and directed it. At the tender age of 7, I was arrogant enough already to say “I could do that”.

What was the very first paid gig you can remember getting either on screen or off? What kind of emotions did you have at the time? Nervous? Shitting nerves? Excited?

My first paid gig was in a movie called Last Action Hero. I was cut out of it. (story of my life)

You have worked on a ton of projects in the View Askew/Smodco/Kevin Smith Universe over the last two decades. How did you become involved in this world, and how is working with this crew different from the multitude of other projects you have worked on?

I was hired as the production secretary on Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and my desk was right between Kevin’s office and Scott Mosier’s office. I didn’t screw anything up too bad during production, so they gave me a job as a VFX assistant during post production to keep me around, and I never left. I worked on Jersey Girl and then we started all the DVD stuff (webisodes and feature docs) on Clerks II. I loved working with those guys. Their sets were fun and the crew became some of my closest friends. I loved that time.

And we have to ask….How did you get pegged to be “The Sexy Stud”? I think you may have discussed it in a cleverly titled series of shorts film that accompanied the Clerks II DVD. I forget the title, although I believe it was perfect, could you tell us again what it was called again? And what inspired you to make them?

I got the part because Ben Affleck didn’t wanna wear chaps. Its that simple… AND the only time you will ever hear “Well, shit! Affleck wont do it. Call Knutson”. The webisodes we did were called Train-wreck: Making Clerks 2 – I think. We put out three minute webisodes every few days during production and post production. We’d shoot all day. Then I’d edit all night. It was my film school, to be honest with you. We had to created and tell stories in 3 minutes, every 2 or 3 days. It got us ready to make the documentary that went on the DVD. I’m still very proud of Back to the Well. I think it’s a pretty honest look at the making of the movie. Funny thing is, at the same time we were doing that, Peter Jackson was doing King Kong and doing webisodes. He had action scenes, and props, and amazing period costumes to talk about and show. We had Mooby’s and Jason Mewes. (we may have gotten the better end of things, come to think of it)

What has the fan interaction been like since you appeared in one of the most legendary bachelor party scenes since, well, Bachelor Party?

I barley get recognized now for that, but when I do… the eyes go big and I hear “I miss my donkey” or “oh, cake”. Im just glad people laugh.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

I just co-wrote and directed a movie called Supercon starring Clancy Brown, Maggie Grace, Mike Epps, Brooks Braselman, Russell Peters, and John Malkovich. We got a theatrical run and now its on all the digital platforms and DVD. Im pitching a limited series around town and taking some meetings on other stuff. Hopefully we can announce the series soon. Im excited about that one.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

I watched Michelle Wolf’s HBO stand-up special last night (I was late to the game) and laughed my ass off. Plus, if you put John C. Reilly in anything, i’ll probably laugh too.

Check out the trailer for Supercon right here, and find it on whatever platform you buy/rent movies. Enjoy!

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