Sunday Matinee: 1/1 [Film]

“Breathless, daring, and undone in a million pieces. Describing both the film’s style and main character, 1/1 submerges the audience into the mind of Lissa, a twenty-year-old girl trapped in rural Pennsylvania, who grapples with sex, drugs, love and loss. When a possible pregnancy forces Lissa to take a hard look at her life, both her and the structure of the film mature, illuminating a brighter path ahead.” – Big Time PR

Wow, just wow! I have to be very honest and admit that I was unaware of the actress Lindsey Shaw prior to sitting down to watch 1/1, I was more drawn to the idea of seeing Judd Nelson and Dendrie Taylor who I have always admired. But I will be god damned if I did not find myself almost entirely drawn to the amazing talent that is Shaw. What an absolutely stunning performance! I seriously can not think of a single moment in this film where she was not completely spot on and brilliant in her portrayal as Lissa. Especially being somebody who has felt that bitterness and resentment to the fact that you may very well be stuck in a place that is as frustrating as it is saddening. I can state with all honesty that she absolutely nailed it! Nelson and Taylor may have been the draw for me, but I left with a whole new love for the brilliant Lindsey Shaw.

And what a hell of a story, I should probably add! Shaw’s amazing performance was obviously guided by an amazing script by Jeremy Phillips. The frustration and turmoil of desperate times during desperate situations is a subject that so many of us can feel right to our cores.  And Phillips has created a brilliant visual demonstration of said turmoil with this brilliant film. With an amazing soundtrack from the amazing group Liars, the list of amazing things about this film would go on forever. Suffice to say, 1/1 is a genuine, honest, and damn near perfect film that everyone needs to see.

1/1 will be released July 17 on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray(special features and unreleased Liars track available on Blu-ray) For more information about the film, go to



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