After Auschwitz [Film]

“In After Auschwitz, filmmaker Jon Kean examines the question, “What happens after surviving an unspeakable horror?” with six stories of remarkable women who survived the Holocaust and went on to build lives in the United States, but never truly found a place to call home.

For survivors of the Holocaust, liberation was both an incredible moment and a devastating one. It marked the beginning of a life-long struggle. Most wanted to go home, but there was no home left in devastated post-war Europe. Many came to America and wanted to tell people about their experiences, but were silenced. “You’re in America now, put it behind you” is what they were told. The women Kean follows became mothers and wives with successful careers, but never fully healed from the scars of the past.” – Big Time PR

I will admit, I knew in my heart of hearts, that this was going to be an amazing film. I also knew that I would probably end of blubbering like a small child with a skinned knee, but I knew I had to see it unfold. Based on content alone, I knew it would be a hard watch, but one that I definitely needed to see. And lo and behold, I was right! Well, I should say I was half right. I cried like a toddler with TWO skinned knees! But, at the same time, I was definitely able to see the beauty that filmmaker Jon Sean was able to bring to this tale of some of the bravest women the world will have ever known, through damn fine storytelling, and absolutely impeccable timing.

After Auschwitz is a film that touches on some things are very familiar to anyone who happened to have partook in world history during their schooling years. But, to see something of this nature so in depth, and with so much directness and affirming attitudes towards the horrendous acts that people seem to forget about was something different entirely.

But, as morbid as it may sound, the tales of what occurred during the Holocaust at places like Auschwitz is not one that was unbeknownst to me. I actually learned most form the events that, as the title suggested, occurred AFTER these women were sprung free. I was ignorant to the death, torture, torment, starvation, anger, and chaos that would occur directly after these brave souls were to experience “freedom”.

And while the subjects of this film managed to make decent lives for themselves, there is still a sense of darkness within them due to the horrific experiences they were forced to endure at such an early age. It’s seriously just not fucking fair. And what struck me as the most peculiar was to learn about how some people seriously just didn’t want to talk about it. Which seems like a huge generational gap that would not be the case in today’s society. And that is just one simple thing to look back on. This film is absolutely loaded with some incredible stories, and more insight that you could ever imagine. And yes, while some of it is absolutely heart wrenching to a softy like me, there is also a bit of joy and pride expressed when you realize what these women had to endure to become the people they were right until the very end, or are to this very day!

I know I say that I “can’t recommend this film enough”, to other films, but this one I mean it in a very different way. Please show this to everyone. Let the world know about this time of an already well known and horrific stories. Show your kids. They have to know about the evil that once existed, and understand that something like this can never happen again. This is history, folks. You need to know what happened. And why not have to shown to you in a beautifully filmed and edited experience like After Auschwitz.

After Auschwitz is available now in select theaters across North America. Check out the film’s WEBSITE for more details.


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