Sandra Hess [Interview]

We have a very cool interview for you fine folks today. Today we have the brilliant Swiss actress and model Sandra Hess sharing a few words with us. I should really put some emphasis on the SWISS part, as you will soon realize that I made a ridiculous mistake and stated that she was from Sweden, which are two entirely different and unique places in their own right. I haven’t been to either, but I want to go to both. But, I digress.

I was first interested in speaking with Sandra Hess because she played the illustrious Cave Nug in a film that was oh so important to me as a child, the Pauly Shore vehicle of a film featuring the Hobbit Man himself, Sean Astin and Mr. George of the Goddamned Jungle himself, Brendan Frasier, known as Encino Man. And let it be known that I have probably watched this film over 100 times in my life, and yet, Sandra managed to truly blow my mind with a fact that I had never really “Linked” up with until now (someone may enjoy what I did there).

Sandra is an amazing actress, and just an overall wonderful person, and we are so happy that she was gracious enough to to be featured on our digital pages. So Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy some great words from the amazing Sandra Hess!

I understand you began modeling in Sweden at a young age, but when did your yearning to be a performer begin? What drove you to make the big move from Sweden to L.A.?

Well first of all….I’m from Switzerland , not Sweden, LOL. If I had a penny for every time someone confused the two I’d have a nice little sum of money.

[Editor’s Note: Yeah, no excuse for that. My apologies to Switzerland.]

My obsession with stories and story telling started as a child. I remember being maybe about 6 and begging my mom to take me to see kids plays at the theater and I was obsessed with movies and tv. I would watch these stories and completely get lost in them. At the same time I had a huge fascination with America and whatever came from there. So when I graduated school and a friend of mine was headed to UCLA for a language course, I begged my parents to let me join him. The rest is history…..

One of your earliest roles was a short but sweet, and very memorable to me as a young person during the time, was as the Cave Woman who inexplicably shows up at the end of the film in Encino Man. What was your experience like working on this film? What was that mud made of?

Haha….maybe you need to watch the movie again and pay close attention to the beginning, then maybe the end won’t be so inexplicable. You will see us in the beginning with long haired brown wigs just going about our business in our cave when a big earthquake hits and our cave crumbles. Brendan Fraser’s character thaws out first and mine not until the end of the film.

It was my first role ever and a great experience. And mud is mud…. even on movie sets.

In 1996, you appeared in the third installment of the legendary Beastmaster series known as The Eye of Braxus. What was your experience like working on this series that has its own cult following?

Wow..that was ages ago, but the one thing I remember most favorably about that movie is all the different animals that were on set.

You have worked in just about every genre of film possibly, from Soap Operas to comedies to fantasy or horror. In your experience, what has been your favorite genre to work in?

I like all genres if the characters are interesting.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to tell our readers about?

I haven’t been acting much the last couple of years and at this point in my life would like to get into producing. I have optioned a script that  I’m trying to get made. It’s a bit of a family project. My husband would direct it and a dear friend of ours would star in it. Fingers crossed.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Waking up next to my hubby and 4 animal noses this morning.

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