Elsa Faith [Interview]

I am very excited to share some words with you fine folks today with a truly amazing and inspirational artist who I have been a fan of for many years, and am very honored to even call a friend. Elsa Faith is one of the most prolific and talented songwriters and voices in the world of music today. I first became engaged with her work through a band called Social Distraction which featured Elsa on vocals, and the extremely talented Marty Mitchell on lead guitar and vocals as well. Early iterations of Trainwreck’d Society have Soul Distraction skewed about, as well as during my time at Fensepost.com.

Elsa was also kind enough to have been a part of a project I did back in 2011, contributing an amazing essay in the charity based project Children of Mercy: Tales and Teachings From the World of Independent Music. Without hesitation, she presented the CoM team with an amazing contribution, and I am forever in debt to her for that, as well as for the amazing music that her and Marty Mitchell (songwriting partner/husband) have provided over the years.

While Elsa has been making music since she can remember, and has been a part of some amazing bands (which will be discussed below), she has never actually released a solo project. Until now! Today marks the debut single of a solo Elsa Faith single entitled, “Tattoo” that we are so proud to premiere for you fine folks today! It is a brilliant track that you are absolutely going to do. While it is definitely a continuation of Elsa’s amazing contributions to music, it very well might be the best thing we have heard from Elsa in her extremely impressive career. I dare say it is my favorite song, and I am so happy to get to share it with you all today.

So please enjoy some amazing words from an amazing artist, and please enjoy Elsa Faith’s wonderful new track “Tattoo” below. Enjoy!

When did you first discover your passion for music? Was it something you have always been into?

I was born into a musical family, so the passion came early for me. My first performance on stage was at six, and two years later, I wrote my first song on keys. Although it sounded like a child wrote it (because I was!), I knew that music would be something that will stick forever in my life.

Who were some of your earliest influences in the world of music? And would you still consider them to be so?

In high school, at 13, during recess, one of my good friends at that point of time, shared with me the most beautiful songwriting to my ears. It was “Ode To My Family” by The Cranberries. Dolores’ voice touched my heart, and I was inspired to pick up the guitar. My eldest brother, who was already a musician, taught me how to play the instrument on my dad’s acoustic Ibanez. Naturally, the first few chords which I picked up, would be songs by The Cranberries. They are still a strong influence in my songwriting, and I am deeply affected by Dolores’s recent passing.

My older siblings shared a wide variety of music with me, from Tom Jones to Queen. Although I don’t listen to these artists everyday, subconsciously, I would just naturally slip in a little hint of those influences into my songwriting.

What was your very first paying gig as a musician like? Were you a bag of nerves? And how did it feel when you stepped off stage after completing a full blown gig?

The nerves never really said goodbye ’til today! However, I love performing, and I love getting paid! Barely out of high school, and receiving compensation for playing music felt odd, but good kinda odd. I got the same exact feeling every time I got off the stage, and it’s a nice sweaty satisfaction. I do have an addiction to playing live!

Your tale of moving to the U.S. is a truly fascinating one that you touch on with Soul Distraction’s “Ticket To America”, one of my favorite SD tracks of all time. Can you tell our readers a bit about your journey for those who may not be aware?

Oh, thank you for remembering that song! Yeah, I met Marty (who is now my husband) via Myspace back in 2006. We talked about music a lot, and finally when he gave me the opportunity to audition for his band, Soul Distraction, I took it. I was born and raise in Singapore, and it was my first time coming to America. I didn’t know anyone here. It was scary, and the flight was so long too! Thankfully, Marty wasn’t “catfishing” me, and the audition went well. “Ticket To America” described the feeling that I had on that journey of traveling into the unknown.

Listen to the song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7j_iKOwtj4

You’ve had another project in recent memory with a group called Madame Torment that I also found fascinating. Can you tell us a bit about this band? How did this one come to form?

Madame Torment is an all female hard rock band, something that I’ve always wanted to be a part of. I met Erin Elizadeth (lead guitarist) in 2010 at a tribute band audition, but it wasn’t until a year later that she approached me about forming MT. We clicked in songwriting, and had the same goals for the band. Currently, we have opened up for a number of bands that have influenced us as a band, from Lita Ford to recently, LA Guns.

I am also in another female empowerment project, Synful Syrens. It is still in the rock genre but we focus more on the vocal harmonies.

I love how these projects are different from one another, and it really helped me expand my songwriting.

Your debut single as a solo artist, Tattoo, is absolutely wonderful. Can you tell us a bit of the backstory behind it?

Thanks!!! Although I’ve been doing music for a while, I’ve never had the chance to release a solo project. Tattoo is a song which Marty and I wrote in 2008, but it never got presented well enough back then. To me, tattoo itself is a great symbol of commitment. To have something on you permanently. That is love, and loyalty.

When my older brother Juno visited me last year, I knew that I wanted his voice in the recording, and his cajon playing on the track as well. Not wanting to let him miss the opportunity, we went into Matt Jefferson’s home studio, and the rest is history. You can definitely hear a huge part of The Cranberries influence in this song.

Check it out: tiny.cc/elsafaith (also see below!)

What does the future hold for you? Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

A lot of traveling is going to happen this year, and more music releases from Synful Syrens, and Madame Torment. There is a new documentary which will feature my song as well. 2018 is looking like a great year, and I am excited for it! Check me out on Instagram (@ElsaFaith) for updates!

What was the last thing that made you smile?

My 2.5 years old granddaughter, Hannah, picked up my guitar, and she started “strumming” it. I love how she naturally fell in love with the instrument. I remembered being that age, and doing the same thing. Even if she doesn’t end up playing the guitar in the future, to just know that music makes her happy, made me smile! 🙂

Check out Elsa’s debut single “Tattoo” right here on Trainwreck’d Society, and be sure to check in on her WEBSITE for more details:

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