Sunday Matinee: Sasq-watch [Film]

“Nigel and Oscar have finally gotten funding for their sasquatch expedition! But when their guide bails and rival Claus also joins the hunt, they must assemble a rag-tag crew of outdoorsmen to be first to track down the undiscovered beast.” – October Coast PR

The world is a frightening place these days. Whether we think a nuke is coming at us from the east, or we are wondering how we will survive during yet another government shutdown, life has become far too serious lately. So, I suggest we all take a moment to find something to laugh and/or smile about. And I believe I may have something that works wonders. It is a very funny and rightfully goofy film Sasqwatch.

Not every film has to have a real deep message involved in its story line, it only seems that way during the Awards season. Sometimes it is just about being a damn fun movie to watch. And Sasqwatch is a damn fun movie. It has every form of comedy you could want, from physical to self deprecation. With all the looming misery and despair going around, I feel like this film is just the right antidote to get us all back up on our feet and moving into a better direction.

Sasqwatch also holds an array of brilliant performances. Paul Brittain and Adam Herschmann have a brilliant goofball chemistry that is reminiscent of our favorite buddy comedy duos from the 90’s, and Christine Bentley is perfectly on cue as the straight woman who would rather be anywhere else, doing absolutely anything else than wandering the woods with a couple of full on dum-dums. And then there are the two that REALLY steal the show — Neil Flynn and Tim Meadows. Now, I am on record as stating that Tim Meadows is without a doubt one of the finest comedic actors of our time. There is not a single project that he has touched that wasn’t made better simply by his presence. His brief appearance in Mean Girls shot that films likability up a thousand points for me. As do his appearances on the somewhat lackluster of a show The Goldbergs. He simply can do no wrong. And he brings more of that brilliant deadpan humor to Sasqwatch and again he adds flavor to the whole dynamic of the film, even when he is playing the “bad guy”.

And Neil Flynn. Holy shit. Flynn really stole the show for me. He managed to take his signature straight-man in a goofy situation routine, and turn into a man of nature character. And boy does he deliver. If Neil was looking to put on a face that was consistently non-verbally stating, ‘Are you fucking kidding me?”, the dude nailed it! It is one of the most perfect performances of anything that I have seen in a great while.

Sasqwatch is available now on DVD and across all digital platforms, wherever you find movies. Check out the trailer here:

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