Brian O’Halloran [Interview]


Today we are featuring a guy that I have wanted to have on Trainwreck’d Society since day one. In fact, if I had physically written down my bucket list of people to have on the site, Brian O’Halloran would have been right there at the top. This cat was the lead role in what is one of the greatest films of all. A film that redefined what we saw as creative cinema during the boom of independent film releases in the 90’s. And not only am I crazy excited to have Brian on the site today, I am also excited to tie his appearance into the fact that I am helping to showcase the ultimate ode to Clerks, the amazing indie gem of a film that is Shooting Clerks, which has embodied TWS for a while now.

I seriously can not express how excited I am to have O’Halloran with us here today. He is an incredible actor, who has some amazing insight into the world of acting. He has been a staple of existence in my life since I was a young child. His role as Dante Hicks may not define his existence as a human being or as an actor, but it is a role that I’m sure he is very grateful to always have in his proverbial back pocket, should the need for it ever arise.

With that, don’t forget, that if you currently reside on my side of pond here, the London premiere of the film is coming this Tuesday, January 16th! Tickets for the event can be found via The Prince Charles Cinema, and be sure to check out the Q&A that will follow.

Now ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy some great words from the legend himself, Mr. Brian O’Halloran!

While the whole world knows how you broke out into the world of film, I am more curious about what lead you into the world of acting to begin with? When did you decide that you wanted to play pretend for a living?

Well Ron, I always was a child (youngest of 3 boys in an Irish Catholic family) who was “acting up”.  I would be part of school plays and participate in chorus. But also when I was a teen and played “role playing games” i.e. Dungeons and Dragons, Villains and Vigilantes, and many other table top games I always wanted to escape into other characters. So I guess it was not a far leap to get into the acting profession.

What was it like revisiting the world of Clerks so many years later during your appearance in Christopher Downie’s excellent biopic, Shooting Clerks?

It was a bit odd to see someone portray myself “Brian O’Halloran” on screen. It’s weird to see a film depicting something you did nearly 25 years ago. Never in a million years would I have guessed that someone, let alone a whole crew of people, from SCOTLAND would make a bio-pic of a group of gen X er’s making a really indie film.

Did you happen to work with Kit Alexander on how to play both the character of Dante, and the real like Brian O’Holloran from 20 something years ago?

As of this day, I still haven’t talked to Kit. Not by choice, I just wasn’t contacted by him. But I thought his portrayal was spot on. I actually had friends watch the film and whom have known me for years think that the footage of Kit, especially the audition footage, think it was actually me. So that should be a huge compliment.

And in the end, after seeing the final product, what are your thoughts on Shooting Clerks? Should viewers expect a very realistic interpretation of the events that unfolded so many years ago?

I have seen the film about 10 time in different edits. And knowing the actual story of what happened in ’93-’94 I’m really proud of what Chris and everyone who took part in making the film. The story is about 85% accurate with 15% creative licence.

I’ve been following you around in the social media world for quite some time, and it seems like you are a mission to hit every single Con imaginable! It seems like you are constantly jet-setting to a new town to greet even more adoring fans. So how is the Con experience for you? What do you enjoy most about this type of setting?

I really enjoy visiting new cities and enjoying the sights. I also enjoy meeting the other guests who attend the cons. Plus I enjoy meeting the fans and hearing what they enjoy about the films.

I managed to catch an amazing appearance from you this year in the film Bad Frank. That was a hell of a role, and lets just say that you kind of got your ass kicked! How was your experience working on this insane movie, especially during said ass kicking scene?

Yeah, I was contacted by a mutual actor friend about that film and I thought the script was really intense. I wanted to try playing a role in serious drama and it was a role far from what I’m known for. I really enjoyed being on set and I thought the cast and director did a fantastic job with the film.

I know that the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot project is pretty fresh at this point, so I know you aren’t able to give us much insight. But, I am curious about what you are most excited about in entering that world once again?

Visiting the “View Askew Universe” is always a fun ride. I will work on anything Kevin wants me to be a part of, especially “View Askew” related. I just enjoy those characters.

What else does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

The best way to find out what I’m up to is to follow me on Twitter @BrianCOHalloran or Instagram @BrianCOHalloran or Facebook @TheBrianCOHalloran. By next year my Podcast should be out Twitter @TheOHalloRANT ; Instagram @TheOHalloRANT; Facebook @TheOHalloRANT

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Well Ron, I just moved into a new home. So when I finally got to sit in front of the fireplace with my lovely girlfriend on Christmas Eve with it snowing outside I thought “Man, this is beautiful”.

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