D-Love [Film]

Welcome to Day 2 of our unofficially titled “12 Non-Holiday Films for the Holidays”. For 12 days, we are showcasing 12 amazing non-holiday themed films for those of us who despise holiday films or the whole damned season altogether. Enjoy!

“A couple with longstanding marital issues lands at LAX after a failed getaway. For a few years now, Stefania has been unhappy in a job she detests, while Dan still dealing with his grief, hasn’t worked in years. Their strain is amplified when a Danish vagabond asks for a ride and much to his wife’s horror, Dan offers to bring this total stranger to their home. How will this affect the already strained couple? Over the course of three days, Stefania comes to discover that the desired change doesn’t always come in the package that we want or expect.” – Popular Press Media Group


I’m just going to throw this out there right off the bat….are you all ready to learn about the best film of 2017? I mean, this is a year that hd a lot of competition when it came to emotionally driven cinema, but I’m here to proclaim that Elena Beuca’s directorial debut D-Love is the finest work of cinematic art I have witnessed in the last decade. With a cast of newcomers and old hats, and a wonderful story that is based in distant reality, this is a film that is an absolutely perfect depiction of what it means to lose, to mourn, and hopefully find love all over again.

There is so much to love about D-Love that it is almost impossible to figure out where to begin. I guess I could kick things off the way I usually do, by telling you all that the cast of this film is absolutely amazing. But this feels inevitably as Elena Beuca and Dave Rogers are sort of just retelling the events of the emotional rollercoaster that was their lives. Rogers is credited for the script, Beuca directed, and the both portrayed versions of themselves in a perfect way. But, it is clearly obvious that this was a group effort, and D-Love is a film that was produced as a team.

But lest we forget that there were some other amazing performances as well! Including the titular character of D-Love, the one-with-the-earth and Burning Man bound character brilliantly portrayed by Ditlev Darmakaya. He is the Danish drifter who absolutely steals our hearts throughout the entire film. He’s less of a man, and more of a presence who was sent to change the lives of a couple who had nowhere to go but down. It is the freshness and naivety of that Mr. Darmakaya brings to the character that is absolutely charming and mesmerizing.


I honestly can not say enough great things about this amazing film. One specific scene alone really got to me though, and in attempt to not cause any spoilers, I would dive to far into it, but let’s just say it involves a minor car accident, and a bit of understanding and brilliant advice given by someone you may not have expected to give it to us. It’s not exactly the scene that truly steals the film, but it is the one that pulled on the heart strings a bit. I am always a sucker for a blue collar guardian angel type! Shoutout to veteran actor Michael Monks for making one of the smaller roles seem so huge and important.

Just weeks ago, it was all but set in my mind that I would be calling The Big Sick was going to be the emotional gem of a film to be seen in 2017. But, much like the titular character came in to help with the transformation of a couple’s soul, D-Love entered my life. And I will say that I am far more emotionally changed by the film than The Big Sick could do. While they are both wonderful films in their own right, D-Love just brings the love all the way back home in the most brilliant way possible.

D-Love will be available across all platforms soon, and is in select theaters across the country. Check out the trailer here:

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