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Welcome to Day 23 of Trainwreck’d Society’s Month of Horror Showcase. Every day during the month of October, we will have a horror related interview and/or film review for your fright-filled reading pleasure! The set up will be the same as usual, but the topics will be far more terrifying. Enjoy!

Today’s interviewee is a person who is simply a damn delightful person! I have had the distinct honor of getting to digitally know Laura Madsen over the last few months, and found myself lucky to get to showcase her amazing work during our Month of Horror series, which came as a total surprise. You see, Laura Madsen is one of these people who simply DOES IT ALL!! I actually first came into contact with Laura through her gig as a publicist, in which she has represented some amazing clients and worked on some even more amazing projects. For example, the recently released Shooting Clerks, directed by our old pal Christopher Downie! And through these conversations, I learned that Laura is not only a bad ass publicist, she is an actress. And a model. And a writer. And the list goes on and on. She is a real chameleon, and we are so excited she was able to take some time out of her insanely hectic schedule to tell us a bit about herself!

So please enjoy some amazing words from the brilliant Laura Madsen!

When did you first realize you were a creative person, and needed to live in a creative world? Would were some of your earliest inspirations growing up in Jersey?

I was in elementary school when I found that I enjoyed writing, creatively, or about what was on my mind, or even about things I had opinions on.  My writing has been the catalyst for everything that has happened in my career.  Happy people inspire me.  I am always drawn to those who find success in their lives in ways that make them personally happy and who follow their dreams.  There are many success stories for people from New Jersey – Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, David Copperfield, Kevin Smith, Meryl Streep, Ice-T… the list goes on.  I think there’s something in the water.  If they can be successful, then it allows me to believe that so can I.

You wear so many hats in the world of art and entertainment. Including publicity (how I met you!), to writing, to acting, and on and on. With that being said, what guides you? Is there one gig you would consider your primary job? Or do you just sort of take things as they come along?

The next thing I’m passionate about that comes my way in life will guide me.  I have always felt that most people can do more than one thing with their life; have more than one job; more than one passion.  I never felt personally satisfied doing just one thing or being called one thing.  My first and most important job in life is being a mom to my daughter, Manda.  Outside of that, I always look forward to what’s coming next.  I think God has a plan for everyone, and I’m enjoying watching my plan unfold as I take the pre-destined course that’s waiting for me.  I’ve been referred to as a “chameleon”; ever-changing and adapting, doing a multitude of things.  I write, I model, I act, I love being on radio, and I enjoy working with celebrities in all facets of their careers so more light can shine on their talents.  My latest addition to my world has been appearing at comic-cons as a featured guest, and I love it!  It gives me a chance to meet fans who have only met me through online contact.  Who knows what’s next?  I hope I never have just one primary gig.  I don’t have a single primary job right now, and I would never want only one.  I like changing things up so I’m never bored, and my hope is that I continue to adapt to the times and appeal to multiple generations, just like Madonna.  I like to keep changing it up and surprising people.  You never know what I’ll do next! I love the thrill of keeping people on their toes!

In your PR bubble, can you tell us a bit about how it has been to work on and see our new friend Christopher Downie’s Shooting Clerks come to live? As a girl from Jersey, is there a bit of a personal touch to watching all of this magic happen?

I met Christopher Downie in November of 2016 when I was hosting the Q&A for a screening of a previous version of the Kevin Smith biopic film he wrote and directed, Shooting Clerks. I was immediately impressed by his talent, vision, and the star quality of the cast and crew working with him.  I usually work with individual celebrity clients, and I don’t take on too many film production companies or films as clients, but there was something magical about all involved with this movie that motivated me to want to help them instantly.  They have the “it” factor on screen, and off.  Plus, I genuinely like everyone involved in the production, and have always loved the movie Clerks.   I am absolutely exhilarated to see the success of the film for everyone involved.  It’s “Jersey pride”; since I am a Jersey girl, but also, I consider the cast and crew to be my friends, and I love watching my friends succeed.  They have all put their blood, sweat, and tears into this movie, and I’m proud to stand behind them and give them my support.  Watching how the actors portrayed the younger versions of the original Clerks cast with meticulous precision, knowing that Christopher Downie had to recreate the entire interior of the Quick Stop in Scotland for filming, and the care put into the Jersey authenticity, of course appealed to a place in my Jersey heart that I’ve had for a long time.  Working with them has been a match made in – well – Jersey.  Who better to represent a Jersey film than a girl from Jersey?  I never treat anyone I work with impersonally.  If I’m working with someone, I’m working with them with my entire mind and caring presence.

I am excited to have heard about your upcoming performance in  Anadellia Rises. What can you tell us about this project, without giving too much away? What should our readers by excited about?


Anadellia Rises is a tale of good versus evil, and possession.  I’m excited to play a demon, in this film.  I’m usually portrayed as a “good girl”, or a slightly seductive “girl next door” type of character and I can’t wait to show a bit of a bad side that kicks ass (figuratively and literally).  So if anyone wants to see me step out of my usual type cast, this will be a fun movie to watch.

What is it about the horror genre specifically that has made you want join this world?

I’ve only done one film so far in the horror genre, Death at a Barbecue, directed by Larry Rosen.  It wasn’t so much the horror genre that attracted me to the film, but it was the talent and kind of person who Larry is.  I respect him very much as a director.  That said, it was a casual and comfortable environment on set, and that was very enjoyable.  Larry is open to expansion on dialogue and ad-libbing, which makes an actor feel like s/he can personalize the character they become many times.  I also like playing characters that are very different from how I am in real life, that I can sink my teeth into, because of the emotion that I can express on camera.

What is your favorite scary movie?

Horror movies completely scare me – so I don’t watch many, at least not voluntarily.  In years past I was convinced to watch a few due to peer pressure, but the experience has always haunted me and left me with several sleepless nights.  One of my most memorable experiences watching a horror movie was when I saw Nightmare on Elm Street as a teen.  I was sleeping over at a friend’s house and her parents weren’t home.  Right after the movie finished, her phone rang, and both of us were afraid to pick  it up because we thought Freddie Kruger would jump out of the phone, as he did in the movie.  I’d say that probably had a lot to do with me never watching horror movies as a regular rule of thumb, because I don’t like to be scared.  Paying money to watch something that scares me defies my inner logic somewhat; but I don’t mind acting in a horror film.

Do you have any plans for this coming Halloween? Any traditions you try to uphold each year?

I’ll probably take my 12 years old daughter, Manda, trick-or-treating in our neighborhood this year, as we do every year.  We also enjoy giving candy out to kids at the door.  We have a tradition of carving pumpkins together and roasting pumpkin seeds, too.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

I’m excited to be one of the “Chiller Chicks” at Chiller Theatre, a comiccon in New Jersey this October!  There will be three of us working as guests of the comic-con, greeting show-goers as they walk in, taking photos with fans, and signing autographs.  The idea is that we will be very visible, approachable, (and sexy) representatives of Chiller who people can come up to for a meet & greet and get reliable answers to their questions, and information about where to find other celebrities at the show.  I’m so happy to be chosen as one of the pinpoint poster girls for the event.  (Tickets and info: )

What was the last thing that made you smile?

My puppy, Brisk, falling asleep in my lap.

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