Debbie Sherman [Interview]

Welcome to Day 19 of Trainwreck’d Society’s Month of Horror Showcase. Every day during the month of October, we will have a horror related interview and/or film review for your fright-filled reading pleasure! The set up will be the same as usual, but the topics will be far more terrifying. Enjoy!

We have a wonderful interview for you Horror fiends today! Today’s interviewee is a woman who will surely be on everyone’s radar very soon, as she is an actress with a raw talent that is being brought out on some pretty amazing projects lately. While her acting credibility goes beyond the measures of the world of horror, she has already managed to make a name for herself in this specific genre. And giving that this is our Month of Horror showcase, we are damned excited that she has.

Debbie Sherman can be seen in the recently released James Franco led psychological thriller entitled The Vault, which is a god damned gem of a film. She can also be found in 2 time Oscar nominee Roland Joffé’s latest film The Forgiven, featuring Forest Whitaker and Eric Bana. And if that isn’t impressive enough, Debbie will have a starring role in the latest addition to the “of the Dead” franchise in Day of the Dead: Bloodline. She is a brilliant working actress who is destined to be a household name before we know it.

So with that in mind, please enjoy some amazing words from the brilliant Debbie Sherman!

When did you first discover your passion for acting? And when did you know that you wanted to play pretend for a living and bring joy into people’s lives?

I have been a drama queen since the age of 0. I think I was even dramatic in my mother’s womb. I love playing pretend and I especially enjoy getting to know a storyline and it’s background. Learning about different characters and really diving into what makes that person tick is such a rush for me. I enjoy getting to transform into someone else for a time. It is exhilarating. When I have the opportunity to tell meaningful stories and play characters that are parts of narratives that need to be told, well, that’s one of my favorite things.

I have been hearing some good buzz about The Vault, which was released on September 1st. Can you tell us a bit about this project, and what drew you to work on it?

The Vault is a mash of horror and thriller. It is full of twists and turns. It starts out as a bank robbery, but it ends up being so much more than that. It stars James Franco, Taryn Manning, Francesca Eastwood and Jeff Gum. This was was my first role in a film and it was such a fun set to work on!

What should our readers be most excited about seeing in The Vault?

The audience should expect surprises. This film is constantly sending the audience into a state of shock.

What is it about working in the world of horror specifically that you enjoy? What sets it apart from other genres you have worked in?

Horror takes us away from our reality and moves us into a place of the unknown. That is my favorite part of the genre and why I so enjoy working on horror films. There is never a dull moment on horror sets and there is always something to scare you around the corner.

What is your favorite scary movie?

Night of the Living Dead from 1968. Gorge A. Romero pretty much invented all thing zombies in the film industry. Without him and his films, there would be no Day of the Dead, which I filmed last year and will be released soon!

What are your plans for this Halloween? Any sort of traditions you try to uphold each year?

Trick-or-Treating of course! I have two little girls and I wouldn’t miss taking them trick-or-treating around the block. Check out my social media on Halloween to see what we dress up as this year!

What does the future hold for you? Anything in the works you can tell our readers about?

I have a huge project I am getting ready to film. It is my biggest role yet and I am beyond excited. Stay tuned, I will be releasing details soon!

What was the last thing that made you smile?

My daughters. They are the light of my life and while sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out, they always give me the most joy and the biggest smile. This morning while dropping them off at school, they both gave each other a big kiss and hug and said, “I love you. Have a good day”. I love their sisterly bond and this was the last thing that made me smile.

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