Sunday Bloody Sunday Matinee: Cute Little Buggers [Film]

Welcome to Day 8 of Trainwreck’d Society’s Month of Horror Showcase. Every day during the month of October, we will have a horror related interview and/or film review for your fright-filled reading pleasure! The set up will be the same as usual, but the topics will be far more terrifying. Enjoy!

“Somewhere in the depths of space, aliens are watching the earth and planning their attack. Unaware of the impending danger, the locals of a sleepy English village are preparing for their summer festival. The aliens launch their offensive by mutating the local rabbit population, and when the furry demons are released, the body count starts to pile up as blood, guts, and fur flies in all directions as the humans fight off the alien threat.” – October Coast PR


It is hard not to initially draw comparisons to the work of Edgar Wright when trying to describe the fun I had watching this silly film. It seems like a very American and uninformed descriptor, but I honestly can’t think of a better one. While I hate to draw such a comparison because it seems so obvious, I can with complete honesty say that if you are a fan of Wright, you are going to love Cute Little Buggers.

With that thought though, please keep in mind that this is a low-budget horror comedy that has done an amazing job with the resources it had available. While the film can be visually confusing, it is definitely a very well written film based around a truly insane premise. It’s just fucking FUN, people! Aliens? Rabbits? Gratuitous nudity? What is there not to love here? Yes, director Tony Jopia is not exactly creating this generation of The Exorcist or The Shining, but he has created a fun little film that should be enjoyed for the absurdity of it all. This truly is a brilliant film that will take you out of reality for a short while and will make you let your proverbial hair down and enjoy yourself. It is like the comparison that legendary comedian Ian Karmel would make: “Some times I want mexican food, and sometimes I want Taco Bell.” I think that pretty much sums it up.

Cute Little Buggers is also loaded with some great talent. Gary Martin is extremely impressive as the cleverly named Randy Rocksoff. I have always been a fan of Martin’s voice over work on projects like The Never Ending Story III and the Dennis the Menace animated series, so it was great to see him live and in action. And the legendary scream queen herself, Dani Thompson, gives us another wonderful performance that needs to be acknowledged.

Overall, I highly recommend this film as a wonderful experience to laugh with and to change the way you look at what I once considered to be the most adorable animal on the planet. Check it out!

Oh yeah, and there are piss filled Super Soakers. So yeah, it’s a fucking win!

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