Byron Newsome [Interview]

Hello Dear Readers! As you may remember, we are huge fans of the world renowned video game franchise Fallout 4. We have spoken with several of the amazing voice over artists who have worked on this amazing project, and today we are very excited to showcase another amazing individual from the series. And as per usual, we are even more excited to dig into what else this amazing actor has been up to in a truly amazing career.

Today we have some great words from the brilliant actor and voice over artist Byron Newsome! Fans of Fallout 4 will recognize Byron has the voice of the hilarious conspiracy theorist from the Railroad known as Tinker Tom. He is personally one of the characters that leads me on some of the most frustrating side quests with those damn MILAs. But this isn’t about my frustrations, right? No, today we are talking about Byron Newsome, the wonderful actor who has worked on programs like The Sports Desk and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He is fantastic, and we are so excited that he has taken the time time to share a few words with us today.

So ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy some wonderful words from the great Byron Newsome! Enjoy!

When did you know you wanted to be in the world of entertainment? What were some of your earliest influences?

When I was 5 years old… I got a role in a school play. I played “The Judge”. Had on a black robe and a gavel in my hand and all I remember was saying “guilty,” but the number of people that came up to and praised my performance was so unbelievable…  I remember telling my parents… “if they think I’m that good with one word… I can really be good with a whole bunch of words.” And I have steered myself toward the world of entertainment ever since.

I grew up in the late 70’s, early 80’s… and I wanted to be like Gary Coleman on Different Strokes. He was the cute kid everybody loved…. And I wanted my chance to be on TV! Didn’t come until years later… but it came.

Byron Newsome in Criminal Minds

Currently you are the host, writer, and producer of the show, The Sports Desk. How has this experience been for you? Is it pretty great to get paid to write and talk about sports for a living?

It is wonderful! Being able to do what you LOVE is the best feeling… and I am getting to do multiple things that I love to do every day.

I’ve noticed that you did some extensive work on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno? As an outsider looking in, that seems like it could be a lot of fun. How was your experience working in the world of Late Night?

Unbelievable! I actually met Jay Leno at the gas stations. Funny, but true! He was putting gas in one of his many cars… and I pulled up to the other side of the same pump. I didn’t want bother him… so I just pumped my gas and casually looked over towards him. He was looking directly at me, so I had to say something. “Mr. Leno… love your work.” He was like “Thank you.” He then went on to ask me my name, what I did and where I was from.  I just happened to have worked on Days of our Lives the same day… and the set was directly across the lot from his. I told him about that… and once I told him I was an actor… he told me to bring my headshot up to the studio and he would try to get me on. The next day I did… and after a few months had passed, and I had not heard anything… I figured it was just something he said to people when he met them. It’s Hollywood… that’s how things work.

Byron Newsome featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Well 3 months after the day I met him…. The Casting Director for his show called me in. He told me that Jay Leno told him to call me in. “He said he met you at a gas station and you were an up and coming young talent.”

I did skits on Jay Leno for a few years… until he left the show. Great experience!

What has thefan reaction been like when people realize that you are the man behind of the voice of the Railroad Agent Tinker Tom in the now legendary video game, Fallout 4?

I didn’t even know how big this game was.  When they finally told us during recording…. They said, “here it is… it’s Fallout 4!” I was like… “Okay… that means there were 3 before this one right?” Had no idea how big this game was. After it came out… and I was in a Game Stop in Alabama, a friend I was with, told the employee that I was on the game as ‘Tinker Tom’… He and the customers had me signing their games right in the store. Crazy!

How was your experience working in the world of voice over work for Fallout 4?

I loved every second of it! No make-up and wardrobe… just you and a mic. They let me play around a little with ‘Tinker Tom’… and once we found him… we took off.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

I am actually working on a NEW Netflix Original Series animated project, that will be out- top of 2018. Smokey Robinson is a producer on the project and we are hoping that it really catches on!

Will be hosting a few NEW Youtube shows coming later this year.

Follow Byron and his varied and brilliant career at

What was the last thing that made you smile?

When my parents told me they were proud of everything I had accomplished.  I work hard, and I want to make them proud. For them to say it… meant a lot to me.


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