Sunday Matinee: Second Nature [Film]

I just have to kick things off here by clearly stating that this a film that absolutely does everything CORRECTLY! And unfortunately, for me to truly demonstrate this point, there will be spoilers. There will be spoilers. There will be spoilers. Have I effectively gotten through to you? There will be spoilers. Okay, let’s begin.

I was initially drawn to this film based solely on presence of the two top billed performers. Collette Wolf has always been amazing in my mind ever since I first saw her amazing interactions with Patton Oswalt in Observe and Report almost a decade ago. It was comedic genius, and I have been dying to see her able to take on a leading role. And obviously, she crushes it to be purely minimalist about it. And then there is Sam Huntington, who I feel as though I have grown up with over the last 20 years. In fact, His first three films were all released when I was between the ages of 12 and 16. And all three of them came out at exactly the right age that I could relate to them the most. For those of you who are not up to speed, this films (in order) were Jungle 2 Jungle, Detroit Rock City, and Not Another Teen Movie. Three solid, yet very different, films that were all bettered by Sam’s involvement.

So yes, with two brilliant lead stars in this film, I definitely knew it wasn’t going to be horrible. The premise is also very noteworthy. The direct and some-what campy visualization of what it would look like if roles were reversed is brilliant concept, no matter how we land with said visualization. In this case it is a magic mirror. Sure. Why the hell no? It is a great way to go right to the story, which is what is most important.

Now, as of yet, I may not have really spoiled anything for you fine readers. But here it comes. Are you ready…..okay, here we go……THIS IS NOT A ROMCOM!!! I can not tell you just how wonderful this is to me. I seriously thought it was coming for quite a ways through the film. I had this terrible suspicion that while writer/director Michael Cross was giving us a lovely little film about women’s empowerment, he was surely going to have to cave in and make these two lead roles fall in love with each other and live happily ever after, thus negating the empowerment element that was so prominent. But it doesn’t happen!! It seriously wasn’t even an issue, I was actually left feeling pretty dumb for not believing it could be done. This just isn’t something that happens people!

Now look, I have nothing against a good romantic comedy, if that is what it is supposed to be about. But a film like Second Nature wasn’t about romance, it is a hilarious film that addresses seriously real issues through comedy. And Cross made the absolutely perfect decision to not let the film turn in that direction. This very fact alone makes me truly admire the film, and makes me want to tell all of my more open minded friend.

So, with that point in mind, there is still even more to love about this project. The storyline is on point, and the writing is absolutely genius. And will could gush of the dreamboats that are Collette and Sam, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention a few others that really blew me away. People, please be on the look out for Riley Shanahan. He was absolutely fantastic in this film, and has one of the most brilliant “embarrassing in your underwear” scenes I have ever seen. Honestly, I would love to get the behind the scenes take on what it was like to shoot that scene. I was literally howling with laughter at this beautiful bit of awkwardness. And I can’t forget about Carollani Sandberg, who is somebody I will definitely be on the look out for in the future, as she gave the finest emulation of what the film’s “role reversal” would truly be like.

So get out there and see Second Nature, folks! It is a gem of a film with a very important message!

Theatrically, the film is scheduled to open in theaters on September 8 (beginning with Ark Lodge Cinemas, Seattle). It will also play at the Catalina Film Festival (Sep 27-October 1) and Ellensburg Film Festival (October 6-8).

Second Nature will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, Blu-ray and DVD on September 19.



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