Ron Jeremy [Interview]

Today’s interviewee may very well be the most recognizable figure we have ever had here at Trainwreck’d Society. Simply because, he is one of the most recognizable figures in the fucking (literally & figuratively) world! When trying to make a comparison to somebody being absolutely amazing in their chosen profession, I tend to use sports analogies. Michael Jordan gets used a lot for this. So it is almost fair enough to say that Ron Jeremy is the “Michael Jordan of Adult Entertainment”. But, honestly, that isn’t quite enough because you could still get the point across using names like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. All great at what they do, and all viable.

But Ron Jeremy is something much more than that. If I were to drop a sports analogy (which I will now, and again in the questions), I would immediately go with Wayne Gretzky. Why hockey, you may ask? Well, the answer may very well be in the question. Many Americans do not watch hockey, in fact I’d say that most don’t. And I am one of them. But, I know who Wayne Gretzky is. In fact, I am willing to wager that millions of people know who Wayne Gretzky is, yet have never cared to sit and watch hockey. And that is how fucking phenomenal he was at hockey, and that is why it feels like an appropriate analogy for one of the most legendary figures in American cinematic history, the great Ron Jeremy. Even if you haven’t watched a second of an adult film in your lifetime, you know who the hell Ron Jeremy is.

There really isn’t a lot I can throw into an introduction for this fine gentlemen, as we all know who he is, and how amazing he has been over the years. I do have a series of “well endowed” puns that I could throw at you all in a rapid fire cessation, but I think I will steer clear of that, as it has all been well established over the years. I am just excited to share some amazing words with one of the most fascinating individuals the world has ever known.

So with that, please enjoy some great answers from the legendary man himself, the great Ron Jeremy!

When did you first start to discover you were THE man in the world of adult entertainment? When did you become, if I were to use a sports analogy….the Wayne Gretzky of the adult film world? What gave you that initial realization that you were the biggest star the business has ever known?

When John Holmes died, the day after my birthday in 1988.

Your notoriety as the biggest star in the adult film business is obviously undeniable, and well deserved. It seems as though whenever there is going to be a biopic, spoof, etc. based around the adult film world…you have to get Ron Jeremy. But, sometimes they do not, and I know I am always shocked! I know you are a seriously busy man, but has there ever been a project that you heard about and thought, “Why didn’t they call me – or – That was all wrong!”? 

Every project that I’m not in I wonder why they didn’t put me on it. That’s pretty much every movie ever made that I’m not in. Ha! [Especially] Wonderland. They didn’t ask me to consult. They asked Mark Wahlberg to consult and I am the one who consulted him for Boogie Nights.

When you have been, which seems to be most of the time, on set of these types of films, what are some general questions you receive and advice that you may give to a mainstream only actor/actress who may be trying to portray a character in a world they don’t quite understand? How do you help bring authenticity to these films?

You teach these actors the ropes. You let them know how things work on set what we would do and wouldn’t do. I always try to let them know that it’s very professional on most porn sets. Professional in the way that it’s a small crew and these guys are not being inappropriate instead of working. Not that that doesn’t happen every once in a while. But people have done porn long enough, know that they are going to work.  We are professionals. I try to teach mainstream actors to think of it as just acting. To approach it the way they would any other role and not feel uncomfortable with what they’re doing. Because as an adult star we don’t feel uncomfortable doing our jobs.

We have spoken with a lot of folks who have worked in the Troma world over the years, which you have also worked with several times over the years. In your opinion, what signifies a Troma production from the other productions, adult or not, that you have worked on? Do you have any fond memories of working in this world?

Two words: Lloyd Kaufman. It’s his class and his talent as a director and a cameraman.  I mean he’ll show heads falling off and you laugh. violence with a twist of comedy.  I was Mayor of Tromaville in Toxic Avenger Four and I am saying that was something great and I love working for Lloyd.

The record business has seen a bit of an unusual spike in sales when it comes to vinyl sales, especially in the UK markets. In your obviously expert opinion on the matter, what do you believe is the adult film industry’s “vinyl”. In a world where so much of the content is free and probably shot on a cell phone…what do you believe could be the saving grace for legitimate adult entertainment? If there is one?

One saving grace I’m doing myself it’s called a Ron Jeremy virtual reality.  RJ VR. All the major agents are working with us. I wasn’t excited to be back directing again because I don’t like directing but I got an offer I couldn’t refuse.


When you look back on your historically amazing career in film, television, music, on all different levels, what would you say you are most proud of in your career? After all of these decades in the world of entertainment, what makes your heart feel the most joy?

There are so many things. I have met so many incredible people over the years. I’ve been mentioned at the Academy Awards. I’ve met US presidents. I have appeared in more music videos than any other human being of all time. I’ve acted in more films mainstream and adult than any other actor ever. I’m proud of all of it.

What does the future hold for Ron Jeremy? Any projects you would like to tell our readers about?

Next up is The Roast of Ron Jeremy. This will NOT air on Comedy Central. It will air on another premium cable channel. They’re going to be so many celebrities on this roast. And tons of adult stars. This will be the biggest party Hollywood has seen in years. I also have a new line of socks coming out in October called Dirty Socks! I may write another book!

I am doing stand-up comedy and have my own comedy tour called the Ron Jeremy XL comedy tour. I host the show, the feature is Rebekah Kochan and the headliner is Dante from Last Comic Standing. The company Golden Artists Entertainment, who also manage me, get me in at least 4 movies a month.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

My nieces make me smile. I have some adopted nieces and a real niece and I love all of them. My niece Becca is a grown woman and she is so smart. I love her political passion. She’s always calling me up and letting me know what issues I should be talking about on social media. My other nieces are not actually blood relatives, a good friend of mine her and her husband have two little girls. And whenever I go over to their house I just love watching them play. They are the sweetest.  They always sneak me food.

I also smile whenever I do stand-up comedy. I’ve been doing it since the 1970s in the Catskills. I’m on tour a lot doing stand up with my Ron Jeremy XL comedy tour.

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