New Music Tuesday: Robin Grey – From The Ground Up [Album]


Over the last decade, my love for the work of Robin Grey has been well documented, I would say. He is one of the finest songwriters we have out there these days. I dare to say that he is a damned genius in the world of songwriting. He can strum and sing around topics from politics to love to nostalgia with the greatest of easy, and brilliant flow that is both soothing and exciting.

And with his first full length album in 3 1/2 years, Robin has brought more of that same sort of magic to the world with From the Ground Up. This brilliant songsmith has brought to us another brilliant collection of thought-provoking and compelling tracks. And while Grey’s music has always had a bit of a politically driven force behind it, he really hits it hard on this one. And it so many different ways! He revels in the darkness on a track like “Underneath the Skin”, and then moves a bit more light hearted in the environment driven track “Woodman, Spare That Tree”.

Photo by Sunniva Taylor

Of course it isn’t all politics and uproar filling the time space continuum of From the Ground Up. To say that would avoid talking about the absolutely brilliant track that I have listened to on repeat for over a month now, the lovely “Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy”, which features vocals from one of my new favorite voices in the music world, the great Chance Kellner. Dammit does she have a lovely set of vocal chords! Chance unknowingly channels the tenderness of Lotte Kestner, and blends it with the a dash of Edie Brickell to create something timeless and original. While I don’t want to take away from the 10 other tracks that Robin Grey’s fantastic singing abilities are displayed, I simply felt compelled to let you all know that you NEED to hear this track with Chance Kellner, and then anything else you may be able to hear her on. She is that damned talented.

Overall, From the Ground Up is a brilliant display of the continuous abilities of Robin Grey. For the close to the last decade or so that I have been adoring his music, he never fails to impress. Time may be of the essence for us in so many different fragmentations of our life, but it is definitely not a hinderance for Robin Grey to continue sharing his passion for the world through music with us all. To know Robin Grey’s music is to know love, compassion, and strength through melody. And we could obviously use a bit more of that in the modern world.

Head on over to to purchase and stream From the Ground Up, right NOW!

And check out this lovely little music video for the very powerful track “Leave It in the Ground”:


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