New Music Tuesday: Lotte Kestner – Off White [Album]

Note: Welcome to our first edition of our upcoming irregular segment, “New Music Tuesday”. I know that music is now released on Fridays, and frankly I don’t care for it. We don’t have anything for Tuesdays now! So therefore, welcome to “New Music Tuesday”.

As many avid readers of Trainwreck’d Society can attest, I have been listening to and enjoying the work of Anna-Lynne Williams in different capacities for a very long time. She is a damned treasure for us here at TWS. She is one of those rare beings who has a beautiful soul, and is also conveniently talented as all hell and so very easy to appreciate as a delightful songwriter and the owner of one of the greatest voices of our generation. And with her latest full length Lotte Kestner album, Off White, she proves once again that she has definitely not lost her touch. In fact, the one thing that shines through the brightest in her work is her experience. After all the time and heartache that she has put into her craft, there is so much to love about her latest album, and absolutely nothing to despise. Yes, with each and every Lotte Kestner we have been blessed with, we are only just receiving more and more genius. And we should all be eternally grateful for the opportunity to hear it happen right in front of us.

Now with that, I believe it is important to note that with Off White, it really feels as though an entire new world is opening up. It feels like, as far as songwriting goes, we are seeing a whole side of Lotte Kestner. And let me tell you folks, it is far from disappointing. While I can always go back and listen to basically every track off the other Lotte Kestner albums and feel perfectly content, I have to say that I am truly in awe of the new direction that Anna-Lynne has taken us with Off White. What makes it so cool and different, is actually just how hard it is to truly pin down what has changed. We still get to hear that same beautiful voice over a consistently delicate undertone, but there is something new. When I hear a track like “Ashland”, it is as though I am hearing the result of a new take on love. And when a track like “Go To Sleep Now” pulsates through my brain with it’s infectious drum beat, I know that I am feeling a bit lighter of a heart whilst being reminded of what can result from fear and the forgotten consciousness.

It’s not to say that Off White is better than previous Lotte Kestner work. And it’s not to say that its really that different. It’s just that when you find yourself so highly invested in an artist’s work, you can sense the subtle shift in attitude and performance. And more importantly, you can appreciate it.

I seriously can not express just how much I truly love this album. Seriously folks, I am going record by saying that Off White is nothing short of magical, and is hand’s down one of the best of 2017, if not the best. I know we still have a good bit of year left, but the idea that something can top this album frankly seems absurd. So check it out everyone!!

Off White will be available on Saint Marie Records on September 1st. Check out the amazing official video for “Ghosts” right here:


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