Asmeret Ghebremichael [Interview]

In recent months, we have spoken about a comedy special that has truly stuck with me since it was released a couple of years ago. That special would be Trevor Moore’s brilliant High In Church. We spoke with one of stars of one of his videos, the great Debra Eckoff, and of course we are no stranger to the occasional Whitest Kids U Know troupe appearance. But today we have someone very special to showcase. Today we are talking with a performer from said special, as well as a prominent figure in the world of Broadway, appearing in one of the biggest shows of the century, The Book of Mormon, and so much more. Her name is Asmeret Ghebremichael, and she is absolutely wonderful!

There is something about a performer who can be singing about subjects like circumcision and political mayhem in a comedic fashion and still make you stop in awe and think “Damn, she can SING!”. And that is exactly what happened to me the first time I caught Asmeret perform. She has a classic set of pipes that is absolutely riveting, and brought so much to High In Church. So as I usually do, I looked her up. And that is when I discovered that she is not just a beautiful woman with an amazing voice, she is a freaking STAR! Throw actress in the mix, and you have an all around amazing performer who is one of the best in the business. If I weren’t ashamed to not have been able to catch The Book of Mormon yet, I definitely was after learning that the show featured Asmeret’s amazing abilities!

We are honored that Asmeret was willing to share a few words with us here at Trainwreck’d Society today! Please count yourself lucky that she was willing to do so, and please enjoy some great words from one of today’s greatest performers, Asmeret Ghebremichael!

When did you first realize you wanted to become an entertainer? Was there a moment you can point to that really kicked things off?

I don’t remember the exact moment I realized that I wanted to be an entertainer, but I was definitely interested in the business from a young age. I can remember singing as a toddler, and I loved doing impressions and making up skits.

You have become a major fixture on the Broadway world appearing a plethora of the biggest shows they have to offer. So, what keeps you in this world? What keeps you driven to perform in the theatre? 

At this point, I don’t know what else I’d do! In all seriousness, I think anyone who works in theatre does it because they love it. Doing eight shows a week is incredibly demanding, but there is a certain high you get from performing in front of a live audience. Live theatre is about the energy exchange between those on stage and those in the audience. There’s nothing else like it.

How has it been working on The Book of Mormon? Is touring with the show as fun off the stage as it appears to be on stage?

Being a part of The Book of Mormon has changed my life. I first started working on the show in its developmental phase in 2009. Watching Matt and Trey work so quickly and brilliantly as well as being a part of the evolution of the show from a few pages in a script to a full blown musical is something I will never forget. Ive done the show on Broadway and in London, and because you need fun, funny people on stage you can imagine that off stage it’s even more fun.

Was it a surprise to you that the play really managed to take off and become a massive hit?

I was definitely not surprised that the show would be a hit, but I think we were all initially just nervous about how all audiences would receive it. The language and the content are pretty intense, but at the end of the Day, Mormon is a well crafted musical with a lot of heart and humor.

You were a part of one of my favorite comedy specials of all time, Trevor Moore’s High In Church, which her phenomenal in. What was it like being a part of this special?

I loved being a part of High in Church! Trevor is so funny, and we had the best time.

Were there a lot of pauses for laughter during rehearsals of High In Church?

There wasn’t much pausing for laughter. I think we had all been given the material ahead of time so that we could at least be somewhat prepared. The videos were hilarious though.

What would you consider your favorite number from that special? 

My favorite number from the special was the first song [“God Hates the Tips of Little Babies’ Dicks”]. It was the first song I heard, and I had the amazing chance to do vocals on the track for the album. I loved singing along with myself on TV!

What have you been up to lately? Where can our readers catch you next?

I’m currently playing Lorrell Robinson in the West End production of Dreamgirls. Come see me at the Savoy Theatre in London!

What was the last thing that made you smile?

The last thing that made me smile was a picture of my friend’s newborn baby!

Check out this clip from Trevor Moore’s special High In Church featuring Asmeret on the song “Time For Guillotines”:

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