Kevin Eastman’s Drawing Blood Kickstarter Launch [Exclusive]

Today is one of those days that makes me so happy to have become involved in this world of independent blogging and started Trainwreck’d Society in that hotel in Biloxi a half a dozen years ago. It is essentially the reason I do any of this. I love to showcase amazing works that posses a perfect amount of independent spirit and breaks away from the standard mold that has plagued the entertainment world for far too long. And starting today, we have just the perfect embodiment of such spirit to share with you all.

The legendary comic book creator Kevin Eastman has hitting the digital airwaves to to tell us all about his new Kickstarter campaign for his amazing project entitled Drawing Blood. The campaign starts today, and I honestly can not recommend a project to support more than this one. I have consistently loved the idea behind Kickstarter, going all the way back to late 2010 when the pre-curser to TWS, Children of Mercy, was successfully backed financially, long before crowd-funding projects became a social norm. At it’s most core, this is a brilliant and organic process to reach out directly to the people who love your work, and make them feel like they are a part of the process.

While on his most recent media crusade, Kevin was kind enough to sit down for a few words with the program we adore and sponsor entitled Super Geeky Play Date. Kevin gave some beautiful insight into the Drawing Blood, calling it a story of “creativity lost, and creativity found” and a bit like “Breaking Bad meets Spinal Tap, Amadeus, & Comic Book Confidential”. Or even simply just “Breaking Bad meets comic books”. Which absolutely has been sold to say the least! Drawing Blood is obviously a project that avid Eastman and comic book fans in general are bound to enjoy. But, I will say that I am certain it is for everyone! How do I know this? Well, I love the hell out of this idea, and I haven’t read a comic book in over 20 years! I respect and admire the art form all to hell, but it’s just not entirely my bag. But Drawing Blood’s fictional but based around real events about early success in the world of comic books is a fascinating story line that I will definitely be wanting to follow!

Check out the full interview with Kevin Eastman on Super Geeky Play Date at the link above, and visit the Eastman Studios website for links and details on some of the exciting offerings happening with the Drawing Blood Kickstarter. Get in on the ground floor folks! The odds of success for this campaign and extremely high, and may as well consider every pledge a purchase into something fantastic that you will be sure to enjoy for a life time!

You can download “Mini Episode #4: Kevin Eastman” from Super Geeky Play Date via the Gonna Geek Network, or on all streaming services like iTunes or Podcast Garden.



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